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by Pool Builders on 08-21-2013 in Articles

We have all dreamt of having a swimming pool in the backyard at some point of our lives; the number of Connecticut customers is continuously increasing, summer by summer.

Having such a source of entertainment and relaxation next to your house is probably the ultimate level of accomplishment, as far home-related investments are concerned. If you are living in Connecticut, you should now that there are many companies that offer inground pool building services, for very good money value and in many interesting combinations.

Make your dream come true!

You will probably be surprised to find out how easy it actually is to have the inground pool you have always wanted.

Unbelievable prices
No, Connecticut builders do not ask a fortune for their services, as you probably believe. A custom pool costs about $ 35,000 or even less, depending on how luxurious (or not) you want it to be, and also on the actual conditions from your backyard.
High efficiency and long-term experience
Connecticut builders have a vast experience in this field, their work being widely recognized to be at very high standards. This means that you can forget about stressful quality-related concerns while working with them.
Have your inground pool in no time!
Most of us also imagine that built takes a very long period of time, but it does not! Two months are more than enough for it, so you can order your pool even if it is already summer and you will still have plenty of time to enjoy it, next to your family and friends!
Be creative!
Maybe you do not know, but there are lots of possible combinations between spas, pools and other facilities. One can have all of these at very good prices.

Just imagineâEUR¦ your own little piece of paradise right under the window of the bedroom! Connecticut builders are ready to make it real!

Since 1969, we've been converting ordinary yards into backyard resorts that your family will love and your friends and neighbors will envy - all in about 60 days. And you may be surprised to discover how affordable a new backyard paradise can be. We offer 100% complete pool/spa combinations for as little as $32,995. This includes EVERYTHING you need. All you have to do is add water. And of course, everyone's happy and healthy around a swimming pool. (And don't forget - a heated spa makes a wonderful marriage counselor!)

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