Inground Pools Prices The Best Time to Look  

by Pool Builders on 01-25-2011 in Articles

For those interested in having a pool installed before swimming season begins, January is the prime time to get started. This is the time of year when pool companies are beginning to take more bids for inground pool prices. Pool companies can be slow during the cold months. However, this is the time of year pool contractors begin to build their list of customers ahead of the spring rush. Being high on that list should be your top priority if you want to be swimming by summer. This article will discuss what a customer should expect and how to buy your pool at an affordable price.

There are two basic types of built in pools and each are made of materials that are very different. These types are the concrete pool, and the other is fiberglass. The fiberglass pool is more expensive and comes in many varieties of designs and colors. The fiberglass shell is drop-shipped right into a pre-dug hole using a crane. On the other hand, a concrete pool is built in the ground and can be coated with marcite or have a vinyl lining overlay. Vinyl lined pools are less expensive, but the material does not last nearly as long as the typical plaster over concrete pool. However they a easily replaced.

Inground pool prices can vary greatly from one contractor to another. That is why taking three separate bids will give you a more accurate idea of an overall and fair price. A budget should always be set once all of the information is collected. This is due to the fact that there are more recurring costs beyond the basic price of installation. There is the cost to run the pump each month and an increase in power bills should be expected. Additionally, there is maintenance involved with all pools and the ongoing cost of chemicals will be looming in the future.

Early winter is a good time to obtain inground pool prices if you want to be in before the swimming season. Where budgets are tight, the pool can still look great without a spa, waterfalls, additional decking or other expensive upgrades that can make a pool too expensive. By staying within a budget, you will quickly realize, an affordable pool is much more enjoyable.

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