Innovation in Technology to Make Pool Filters More Functional

by Pool Builders on 06-03-2010 in Articles

Pool filters that meet international standards are found listed in several websites. These sites do not boost but infallibly offer pool filters of major brands such as Caldera Spas, Sta-rite, Sundance Spas, Jandy and others. Such filters have inbuilt cartridges that are made of one hundred percent polyester material such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

So, these materials dent out very small pores for fluid particles to escape. As a result, dirt particles that are very minute in size, say measuring in microns, are trapped in the polyester material. Initially, larger particles get deposited and as the deposition continues, the pores become absolutely impassable for small particles too. Thus only the water molecules are allowed to make way and reach out in the open swimming pool.

There are many filters of Unicel, Baker hydro and Hayward that use pleats of such polyester material as cartridge so as to further affirm the filtration capability of the filter used. Such spun bonded filament leave very less space for extraneous particles to escape. Thus unwanted dirt gets separated and the water that is released in the pond is completely pure. The filter, however, is not just dependent on its cartridge. The core of such pool filter is designed in a way so as to allow free flow of water. This technology more commonly known as 'free flow technology' allows unrestricted water flow in the filters. Besides the anti-microbial technology used in the manufacturing process ensures that any form of microbes do not germinate inside the filter. They are available in varied sizes and can be installed in any kind of pool.

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