Inspect and Maintain the Quality of the Pool Water

by Pool Builders on 12-01-2013 in Articles

Maintaining the quality of the water is certain to help with keeping the outside pool in full working order. By following the simple steps of observing the water level, maintaining the pH level and cleaning the filters, it is possible to effectively maintain the pool in full working order. Below are three effective steps to support the quality of the water -

Keep an eye on the water level

From evaporation to cleaning or everyday use, the swimming pool is certain to start losing water throughout the season. An ideal time to inspect the water level is when the weekly cleaning takes place. While removing the floating debris it helps to check the water is at an ideal level. Make certain the water isn't allowed to drop below the skimmer since this could cause the pump to start to malfunction. If water starts to appear low, a garden hose is highly effective at bringing it back to a safe level.

If planning on draining the swimming pool at the end of the season for maintenance or similar work, it certainly helps to avoid leaving the pool empty of water for too long. An in ground pool is certain to benefit from water in place since this is able to counteract the pressure from the ground below.

Maintaining the pH Level

A regular inspection of the pool water is certain to help with maintaining its quality. Healthy and clean water is a much more pleasant environment for those using the pool throughout the season. A testing kit is designed to measure the alkalinity or acidity of the water which operates on a scale of zero to 14. An ideal reading for a swimming pool is in the region of 7.5 which means the water is perfectly safe for the family and makes sure the cleaners are able to work more effectively.

Cleaning the pool filter

A well operating pool filter is certain to help with maintaining the purity and quality of the water. In general there are three main types of filters which relate to the diatomaceous earth, sand, and cartridge. Each of these filters is highly effective at preserving the water quality and requires regular cleaning to guarantee full working condition. Make certain to clean the filter in line with the manufacturer's recommendations since cleaning the filter too often can hinder the cleaning process. A filter with a small amount of dirt or grit is more effective at trapping the incoming particles. However, avoid letting the filter get excessively dirty.

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