Install Pleatco, Filbur Replacement Filters to Enhance Performance and Longevity of Filter System  

by Pool Builders on 10-27-2013 in Articles

Pool owners are aware of the significance of installing high quality filters in their pool or spa but how many of them are aware of the importance of replacing a filter after a certain period of time? In a zest to save money, pool owners keep using the old and worn out filter without realizing the grave consequences that might occur as a result of prolonged use of old worn out filter.

As a matter of fact, a worn out filter not just shows deteriorated level of performance resulting in murky and cloudy water but also puts undue pressure on the pump that might damage the pump in the long run. Now, it is important to understand that replacing a pump could prove to be anytime more expensive than replacing a pool filter.

Replacing pool filter cartridge not only enhances the performance manifold but at the same time augments the endurance and the permanence of the entire filter system. While regular maintenance and cleaning enhances the life of the pool filters, the cartridge filtering needs to be replaced by a new one when cleaning methods fail to act so as to keep the whole filter system in proper shape.

There are different types of replacement cartridges available, some with similar specifications, others with completely different ones. This allows you the freedom to choose from amongst the replacement cartridges as per users need and requirement.

Filters from brands such as Pleatco and Filbur have in-built filtration fabric that ably trap contaminants and debris before it's able to fester in your water. This inhibits the growth of bacteria in your water environment making the water free of all sorts of pollutants allowing you to enjoy a great pool or spa experience.

Pleatco and Filbur replacement filters offer suitable replacement for; Filbur, Great Barrier, Unicel and Pleatco. Besides they are known to fit Canadian Spas, Coleman Spas, Garden Leisure Spas, Great Lakes Spas, Gulf Coast Spas, Hydro Spa, Hydro pool, Leisure Bay Spas, U S Spas, and Vita Spas.

The best thing about a filter cartridge is that no hassle is involved in replacing it. In fact, replacing a cartridge filter is simple and requires knowing the exact measurements, configurations or the model number. These compatible filters are designed as per OEM specifications and offer performance at par with the original ones but at prices much lesser than the original ones.

You can purchase replacement filters from retail or online dealers. However, online shopping can allow you to avail great deals and discounts besides comfort as well as convenience. So, ensure timely replacement of your filter to get the most out of your filtration system.

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