Install the Proper Type of Pool Cover

by Pool Builders on 02-01-2014 in Articles

A purpose made cover offers a variety of benefits to the swimming pool owner. A cover helps to cut the time and effort needed to maintain the pool and keep it free of dirt and debris. They are also highly effective at safeguarding the pool and preventing accidental drowning. A further aspect is the ability to cut down on water evaporation. An uncovered pool looses 30 to 50 percent more water compared to the covered pool. This is also likely to cut the cost of pool chemicals.

Installing the proper pool cover

Even though any large plastic sheet is able to act as a pool cover, it benefits to invest in the purpose-made covers since they are more hard-wearing. A cover designed specifically for protecting the pool is able to withstand the UV rays of sunlight and a lot easier to store and handle.

Vinyl - A heavy material like vinyl is certain to offer a resilient option for protecting the pool. They give long-term life expectancy. Another feature of the vinyl cover is the ability to insulate, which helps with maintaining the temperature range of the water.

Bubble - A bubble (also called solar) cover is manufactured in a thinner material but offers a low-cost option for covering the pool. A bubble cover is another cover made specifically for the pool and includes many large-sized blistered bubbles. This protective sheet often resemble standard bubble wrap used for protecting parcels, but on a much larger scale. A bubble cover is treated with UV inhibitors to make sure it is able to stand up to long-term exposure to the elements.

Use a manual or automatic system

Pool covers come in a choice of three major configurations: automatic, semi-automatic, or manual.

Manual - A manual pool cover is the more cost-effective option but does need a more hands on approach when it comes to pulling the cover on and off, storing and folding. A manual cover combined with a reel makes it easier to control the rolling and unrolling process.

Semi-automatic - A semi-automatic cover relies on an electric-powered motor to control the operation of the cover. However, they also need a portable cart to help with rolling or unrolling the cover.

Automatic - A fully automatic system offers simple push button operation. The cover is permanently attached to the reel system mounted to the pool and that helps with retracting the cover when required. They are very convenient, but can be quite expensive.

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