Installing A Swimming Pool In A Sloping Garden

by Pool Builders on 01-30-2012 in Articles

Swimming pools and sloping gardens can be a nightmare. To prepare the site adequately to take account of the incline can be enormously expensive and still not truly do the job required fully. One of the major problems is the amount of soil that must be moved not only from the area of the pool, but for a good distance around the pool to provide access to the pool and also somewhere to sit and enjoy the pool.

To carry out the excavation the soil taken out of the hill is usually put at other end and levelled but it must also be compacted. One solution which would reduce a lot of the problems is to install an above the ground pool. In this case the hill can be excavated so as to give a firm base for the frame structure, the soil excavated should be put around to side to be landscaped later.

The excavation only needs to be just slightly larger than the pool itself, this limits the amount excavated to a fraction of that of a standard in the ground swimming pool. The above the ground pool chosen can then be erected into the space provided. If the pool can be erected at right angles to the slope this will actually make excavation easier and give a good area for the next stage of the job.

Having erected the pool, installed the liner and outer support structure whether it be wood or steel then the pool is ready to be finally landscaped. In a normal garden the pool is level is well above the ground and hence well above the sitting area. On a sloping site the slope can be used to great effect to assist in making the pool directly accessible from the top.

If an elevated patio is erected from the top level of the pool on the high side back to the garden, then this will give a great patio level where you can not only sit and enjoy the sun but also get a level access into the pool. This will completely remove the need for steps up to the pool from the ground level. You have in effect a pool sunk partly in the ground with a flat patio area on the top side which will give all the advantages of a sunken pool but with a fraction of the work load.

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