Installing An Above Ground Pool

by Pool Builders on 06-07-2009 in Articles

When planning your above ground pool, there are some things you need to know. The first thing that you must do before installation is figure out where your going to put it. Always measure out the size of the pool on the ground before placing. Once you have the perfect spot, look at the ground to see if you need to do any ground leveling. This is were most people mess up. If you do not have your pool on completely level ground you may find that your water bill will be very expensive.

When I bought my pool, I didn't check the ground to see if it was level. I started to fill my pool with water, thinking it would level itself out. This was a huge mistake. After the pool was half way full, I could see that the water was putting a great deal of pressure against one side of the pool, causing the water to flow over the side. So, all the water that was in the pool already had to come out. This was caused by the ground not being completely level to start with. I bought a Intex pool and it comes with installation instructions, but I'm a typical guy and wanted to swim in it that day. I will never make this mistake again. I hope that people who are thinking about buying a pool take this into consideration. To make the ground level as possible, all you need is some fill dirt and a long straight board.

Do Not use sand to level the ground out. Sand is not a solid base to place something that is heavy like a pool. Usually, your house is built with a natural slop for drainage. If it happens to rain hard, the sand you used to level the ground will wash away. Always use dirt from another part of your yard or buy some. You may be thinking that dirt is expensive, but think about how much water you will lose if its not done right. When leveling the ground use a long straight board. Put this board across the area that you wish to place your pool. This will show you where you will need to add or remove dirt. Make sure that you go around the whole area with the board at different angles to insure that you have found all the low spots. Once your done with leveling the ground you can start placing your pool. Follow these instructions and you will have a pool that is stable and ready to have fun in all summer long.

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