Installing Solar Pool Heaters Saves You Money on Pool Upkeep and Extends Your Swimming Season

by Pool Builders on 02-25-2010 in Articles

Solar pool heaters are a cost-effective solution for keeping your pool warm and even extending your swimming season. Save money and enjoy your pool longer with a solar heater.

Swimming in cold water is no fun--but neither are exorbitant heating costs. Perhaps the best solution for keeping your pool comfortably warm without spending an arm and a leg are solar pool heaters. Using the Sun's radiant heat to warm your pool, solar heaters are a cost-effective way to take the chill off the water.

By far the most affordable pool heaters in the long term, a solar heater for your pool utilizes specialized solar panels. Your existing pool pump moves water from the pool to the solar panels where it's warmed and returned to the pool. Because this type of pool heater uses the Sun's free energy to heat your pool, there are zero fuel costs--unlike with gas or oil heaters. Other than the initial installation and annual winterization costs, solar pool heaters have no ongoing costs. With natural gas or oil heaters, you'd use between $2,000 and $3,000 in fuel every year, so it's easy to see how solar pool heating systems can help you save big bucks.

And in addition to their fabulous cost-savings, solar pool heaters offer other benefits as well. Some advantages of these high-tech heating systems include:

Environmentally friendly design: No fossil fuels also means no greenhouse gases or toxic emissions. Solar powered heaters are completely "green!"

Longevity: Oil and natural gas heaters typically last only around seven years, while solar pool heating systems typically last up to 20 years.

No fuel bills: Since your heater uses the Sun's free energy, you're free from high operating and fuel costs.

Longer swimming seasons: Your new solar pool heater enables you to enjoy at least five months of heated swimming, even in the Northeast.

With all of these great advantages, the real question is why wouldn't you want to put in a solar pool heater!

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