Installing Spa Pool for Your Home  

by Pool Builders on 12-16-2012 in Articles

Spa pool helps to transform your garden into the perfect place for having fun in soothing hot water. It's really a challenge for installing spa pool as you first need to prepare a place for it. Then you are required to hook up the entire electric wiring, fill your tub and balance your water before making use of it. The steps for carrying out the process of installation take quite a lot of time. However the result you will get at the end is satisfying as you can enjoy complete relaxation after soaking in your pool water.

Let's check out the steps for installing spa at your home:-

Installing the base

First of all you have to set up a base for the pool. You must be aware of the fact that some of the biggest spa pools are capable of accommodating eight to nine people or even more than that. Again some pools have swim lanes to allow users for swimming against resistance jets. Always keep in mind that when your pool will be filled with water, it will be extremely heavy and so you have to make the base strong in order that it is able to uphold the weight. So it will be wise to build the base of your pools with concrete blocks, railroad tiles or concrete pads having the minimum thickness of 2 inches.

Clearing path for delivery

Then you have to clear a path for the purpose of delivery of your spa pool. The items that usually cause blockage to the delivery route of your pool include fences, play equipment, decorative planters, lawn furniture, etc. So you have to ensure the fact that there is a clear pathway going directly to the base in order that the delivery person or you can wheel the spa successfully without facing any hindrance.

Setting up electric connection

You are also required to set up an electric connection for your pool. You can call in an expert electrician for this purpose. You have to connect the wiring of your spa pool into the intersection of your electric box. Often you will find that this needs the extension of your electric connection to the location of your spa if the junction box is not close enough. You can do the extension by making use of PVC conduit buried in a trench having minimum depth of 18 inches. Another thing you should remember is that your 220 volt spa pool should be having ground fault protection for saving users from getting electric shock.

Filling pool with water and balancing chemicals

After that you have to fill your pool with water and should also balance the chemicals used in your spa water. You can fill the water with the help of garden hosepipe. And when you will find that the pool of your spa has become full, you can turn the heater on and set the thermostat to your comfort level. Again you are required to check the water of your spa with the help of spa testing strip and mix the necessary amount of chemicals for raising the water level to an ideal range. Moreover if you like you can also carry a water sample to your local pool store for conducting a free test and making recommendations for chemical product.

Placing cover of the spa

Finally when you will find that your pool is full with water, you have to place the cover on the top of the spa. It is because with the help of the cover, the water of your pool will be getting heated more quickly and can effectively maintain its temperature. Beside the water of your pool will be protected from dust and debris when your pool will not be in use.

By following these steps you can install spa pool in your home. However if you feel confused, you can call in the service of Calgary pools or Calgary spas to help you in the process of installing pools for your spas.

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