Installing Your Own Above Ground Swimming Pool? How to Save Money

by Pool Builders on 05-25-2009 in Articles

There are many different ways to install an above-ground swimming pool on the internet these days!

But I believe I have the easiest, most affordable, and most comprehensive guide to installation on the net!
No offence here to some of the "old school way" of doing things, but there is always a better way. I am truly convinced that the procedures and tools that I will discuss are easier to implement than you would have ever imagined, thus saving you MONEY!

I will not go into every detail involved in the installation of the pool in this article as there is too much to take in by reading an article to properly install your pool. Please do not be misled by folks claiming to give you advice that are simply reciting the basic instructions that come with any pool kit. This will not be one of those How-To's. These are Innovative, New, yet very easy to understand principles of pool building.


1. Call or click the national utility locating service located at the bottom of this article! This is very important and your life depends on it!!

2. Never place your pool on or under vital utilities.

3. There are a number of hand tools that you will need to have, rent, or borrow. Although site preparation can be done with a sod cutter, shovels, 2x4 leveling board, etc. Trust me when I say this: "You will be wore- out, blistered, and thoroughly disgusted by the time you even start to actually build your pool!" So, take my advice. If you know someone who has a skidsteer (bobcat) or other brand. CALL THEM!If not, check your local yellow pages and find someone who will excavate your site for a good price. They will also be able to dump your sand right in the middle of the dig, so you don't have to shovel a couple ton of sand by hand! Use (mason sand) only !! THE PROPER EXCAVATION IS GOING TO DETERMINE THE QUALITY AND SAFTEY OF THE INSTALLATION.

4. Now you are ready to assemble your track and set your support blocks.

5. Next is the Pool Wall. This step can be very challenging for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Do not fear, because this where one of the new techniques are implemented, Do not attempt to scoot your 200 pound wall around in the sand on a piece of cardboard! Please check out this DIY POOL TOOL and this part of the installation will be a breeze!

6. Assemble top track sections as you move along.

7. After the wall and top tracks are installed, attach the upright supports and brackets.

8. Now it is time to finish the sand bottom.

9. Liner installation. (There is great technique for doing this, that is so easy and creates a totally wrinkle free installation. It is covered in the above link.)


11. Pump and filter installation comes next. (Before the water level reaches the skimmer.)



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