Installing a Pool - Should We?

by Pool Builders on 09-16-2009 in Articles

Installing a pool is one of the many ways to improve the value of your property. However, this will not increase the number of interested buyers. There are people who want to have a pool in their backyard but more would not want to have an added responsibility. The decision to whether or not install a pool depend various factors. It is essential that you weigh the advantages and disadvantages first before you decide.

The Advantages:

There are various advantages of having a pool in your backyard. First, it improves the value of your property. Having a pool looks very appealing. If you have a pool, you can swim any time you want. This offers a lot of benefits since swimming is among the best cardio exercises. You can stay in shape without leaving your home.

This also provides an avenue for you and your children to bond. You can teach them to swim every time you are available. You do not have to leave home or schedule a swimming session elsewhere. This is also a great bonding activity. Having a pool offers a lot of fun. You can even invite your friends over. The pool side is a great view to entertain friends.

This is also a nice place for you to relax and unwind. You can swim after a stressful day at the office. This is both relaxing and refreshing. This will allow you to have a quiet time and ease the tension in your body. You will surely have a good sleep after.

The Disadvantages:

It has various benefits; however, many homeowners see more disadvantages as well. Among the biggest issues of having a pool is security. There are several incidences of children, less than five years old, drowning in their backyard pool. Although no parent would want to anticipate this, they have to consider such risks when contemplating on having a pool. Even those who do not have children are worried about this.

People who are living in a community with a lot of children are also thinking twice of installing a pool. Even if they do not have kids, the children in the neighborhood might sneak in his backyard and swim. Not everyone can resist the temptation especially during the warm seasons. Owners will be held liable if anything will go wrong.

It is also expensive. You will incur significant costs from the installation of the pool down to its repairs and maintenance. You will not be able to use the pool if there is something wrong with it. The repair is expensive. Moreover, cleaning and maintaining it can be very exhausting. It will require maintenance due to the debris and other contaminants that can easily get in the pool.

If you want to add a pool in your property to add value, this may not be a good idea because most home buyers are turned off by it. If you are going to live in there for a long time, consider the community. Install safety facilities such as fences and high quality latches.

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