Institutionalized Pool Chemicals: We Remove Chlorine From Our Tap Water, Then Why Do We Swim in It.  

by Pool Builders on 12-08-2013 in Articles

Before you next restock the chlorine and other harmful chemicals for your pool, think how your swimming pool maybe harming the environment and supporting the manufacturing of harmful chemicals: Here is why it doesn't have to.

We talk about "bad things" being "institutionalized" and how that makes them hard to change. Most business industries are like this. The prevailing leader sets the standard. That's why you say "Neosporin" instead of "triple anti-biotic ointment." More often than not, these leading companies don't push themselves to change when better products come along, because they simply don't have to. The have "branded" their product name into the mainstream buying habits of consumers, thus eliminating the opportunities for new and innovative methods to enter the marketplace. Their product works, they already made contact with all their distributors and because the customer knows their product the distributors keep picking up the phone, dialing a number they've implanted into their purchasing apparatus machine, restocking their shelves in the established spot the consumer readily recognizes. What might that have in common with your pool? A great deal.

Basically since the advent of the swimming pool chemical companies have promoted one method for cleaning it - Chlorine. Why not it works? It stops algae and bacteria growth and if it fails from time to time you just dump an extraordinary amount of chlorine (and other chemicals) into the water and "shock" the pool, but I bet you don't look for "chlorine" in the ingredient label of your bottled water, and you shouldn't require it for your pool either.

Chemicals are easy for the chemical companies. They work - to an extent. No more research and development is required - the processes of producing and adding has been refined over decades - and most importantly, they breakdown and require restocking, so that you are continually purchasing from chemical producers for they have 'hooked' the consumer as a repeat customer as long as the pool is in operation. That all makes sense, except that it doesn't, because there are better ways out there that are healthier and more sustainable.

What if instead of chemicals you could have microscopic natural minerals swimming around in your pool? Natural minerals like copper, zinc, and silver that prior civilizations have used for centuries to clean their drinking supply. There is a reason our water pipes are copper. There is a reason some people take a zinc supplement. Their is a reason silver has been used for medical reasons. These are natural compounds and introduced through your pool in the forms of ions can be very effective cleaning agents (just ask NASA).

Copper is a natural algaecide (it kills algae) and silver is a natural batericide (it kills bacteria) and it is effective enough to sanitize the pool water without the use of any chemical. That statement is worth repeating, "effective enough to sanitize the pool water without the use of any chemical." Safe enough for kids and non-stop swimmers to enjoy the pool water. It also benefits asthma and allergy suffers (which chlorine exasperates). So why do pool owners keep purchasing chlorine and other chemicals from chemical companies for their backyard pool?

It's institutionalized. Like everything else that's "too big to fail" chlorine has built itself right into the pool industry, like "peanut butter and jelly," "salt and pepper," "mom and apple pie" or to quote a business analogy "Xerox and the paper copy." We've codified its institution, eventually - as evidence of it's negative effects emerge - that will have to change. Until then, our company - ClearSwim - is working to change that. To provide an opportunity for individuals to swim in healthier, safer water. Using NASA's space program technology for developing methods for the disinfection of water, ClearSwim offers a pool sanitation method that uses natural minerals, turns a pool into non chemical treated water and does so with less maintenance and environmentally friendly outcomes. We think it's about time for a revolution: Down with the chemical institution and up with choice for the owners of backyard pools.

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