International Standards Of Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 05-09-2012 in Articles

About three hundred to four hundred children under the age of five years sink the are every year in the United States and other three thousand of children are treated in hospital emergency rooms for close to drowning incidents the most of the children drowning in to home it. Sin some countries drowning in the family pool is the leading reason of accidental death for children who are under five years of age.In the worldwide drowning the are second most important cause of accidental death for children under age of five years. Now the manufactures have developed many safety devices and set the standard for it. Now the are safer than ever. The are in the world are measured in meter but only in the United States the are measured in to feet and yards.

The most pools are measured in meters in United Kingdom but some older the measured in yards are still remaining. The United States are tend to be 25 yards, 25 meters or 50 meters.Most European countries pools are between 10 meters and 50 meters wide. The depth of that is depending on the purpose of it and whether it is for public or private use. If the swimming pool is for the private informal, relaxing it the depth is almost 1.0 meters to 2.0 meters. If the swimming pool is for the public and used for the diving the depth of swimming pool is 3.0 meters to 5.5 meters. If the swimming pool is designed for the children playing the depth of swimming pool will be 0.3 meters to 1.2 meters.Mostly the have different depths to facilitate different swimming needs. In the which there are also clearly marked depths affixed to the swimming pool walls. The standards for the Olympics sized the are fixed because they are used in Olympics games. The length of Olympic sized swimming pool must be 50 meters and the width of these pools must be 25 meters.

The Olympic sized the are divided in to eight lanes which are equally dividing in to 2.5 meters. The temperature of water in these must be 25 degree centigrade to 28 degree centigrade. The lightning level in these are must be greater than 1500 lux. The standard depth of the Olympic sized there is 2 meters. The manufactures always made by the International standards of safety. Many products exist in the market for the safety purpose like removable baby fences, floating alarms and window or door alarms. The some are designed with computer helping drowning prevention. Some of the pools are also equipped with electronic safety and security systems. The are which are designed for children must not be too much wide and deep. It is also important standard for the manufactures to tag the age limit on swimming pools.

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