Interpreting Dream Symbols According To The Scientific Method - Water In Dreams

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The dream messages always are serious because they are about your mental health and the dangers that are threatening your peace of mind. Even simple dream scenes contain important symbolic messages.

What is a symbolic message?

First of all, let me explain the meaning of a symbol.

A symbol is an image that represents something else. For example, a large amount of water in dreams represents materialism. Therefore, a flood represents materialism. This is its symbolic meaning. A large amount of water always represents materialism. The swimming pool and the water of the river represent materialism as well, but the sea represents craziness because its water is salted.

Now you know the symbolic meaning of various dream images. This meaning is real and gives you real information about your mental health and your reality.

The symbolic meaning is the meaning of an image according to the symbolic dream language. This meaning is as real as the literary meaning of this image. What is symbolic is not a fantasy, but the meaning that an image has based on a different translation.

The symbolic meaning of an image gives you secret information. God speaks through images because an image speaks more than a thousand words.

Your dreams try to make you pay attention to a strange reality. Through dream translation you open your eyes and you see what exists behind the apparent reality. The falsity of the world becomes visible to your eyes.

I showed you the meaning of a few dream symbols in a very simple way. However, the meaning of a dream symbol is a story. This means that you understand a lot more than just 'materialism' when you analyze every dream symbol.

The flood represents materialism and lack of faith.

The swimming pool represents a research immersed in materialism and hypocrisy, in a limited area.

The river represents a challenge. The dreamer must cross the river and go to the other side through the bridge, in order to meet his or her anti-conscience and verify the existence of his absurd and evil side.

When the dreamer is swimming in the river, this means that he is immersed in materialism and he is afraid of the meeting with his wild side.

Therefore, the flood, the swimming pool, and the water of the river represent materialism in different ways.

When you translate the meaning of a dream you exchange dream images with their symbolic meaning. A detailed dream translation is long because the meaning of every dream symbol is analyzed based on its detailed meaning.

However, you can understand only by reading a dream that it reflects materialism whenever you see a flood, a swimming pool, and someone swimming in a river. This information already is helpful. If you have to translate too many dreams for the same dreamer you can translate their dreams faster based on the repetition of the same dream symbols.

Even though every dream symbol represents an entire story and not just a simple word like 'materialism', when you learn the meaning of every dream symbol you have in mind the story represented by every dream symbol.

In the beginning you have to learn the meaning of every dream symbol and learn how to use this meaning in different dreams, as if you were learning a foreign language made only by words.

The dream story also gives you information. Everything is important. When you link one dream symbol to another you have to follow the dream story, but based on the dream logic, and not based on the ignorant logic of your conscience.

The dream logic is God's logic, which is based on wisdom and sanctity.

So, now you know how to read the surprising symbolic messages contained in dream images that reflect objects and places of your daily reality.

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