Interval Training For Swimming Fitness

by Pool Builders on 10-25-2009 in Articles

If you are a lap swimmer that enjoys it for over all fitness or a competitive swimmer, you should be doing intervals for improved fitness and speed. The benefits of interval training for swimming some fast laps will make great improvements in your fitness level.

Interval training can be an important part of your swim training. It will break you away from always swimming the same pace up and down the lane and help you get the most value from your time in the pool. This will give you a boost in your workout intensity.

What is interval training? What you will do is swim a designated distance for any number of times with a break between each. First you want to do some warm up swimming before you do the intervals. When you start your interval swim, you want to swim a little faster than you usually do. It would almost be like doing sprints with out going all out.

You can lengthen or shorten the distance, if you go for a shorter distance swim a little faster if you go longer slow it down some. But remember that you will still be going faster that just plugging up and down the pool.

If you are doing it for fitness, you will see a big boost in your cardiovascular condition and strength. If you are a competitive swimmer, you can do your intervals based on your fastest times in any known distance. You would want to swim at a faster pace for a shorter distance to train your body to get used to the speed and for cardiovascular strength. You would have to read specific info for competitive swimmers to get specific interval training information.

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