Intex Pool Pump- What is It?  

by Pool Builders on 05-03-2012 in Articles

Keeping a swimming pool clean can be a challenging task, but thankfully, there is a convenient approach that can be used and it is through an intex pool pump. This pump is an important component in needed in a pool filter system. Without this pump, your pool can be easily clouded with dirt making it not fit for swimming.
The pools pump is the very center of the water circulation process seen in the pool. It functions by pulling in the water from the swimming pool by a port. The water is then pushed through the filter system before it gets pumped to the swimming pool through another port. By getting the water pumped into the intex pool filter pump, it cleanses the water from any debris that could contaminate the water.
Although the intex swimming pool pump is specifically designed to lean against the ground a few feet away from the pool, it does its job effectively without any interruption from anything or anybody swimming in the pool. The innovative design of this pump allows it to take the water in through a hole on lower end of the wall of the swimming people. The filtered water is then pumped back into the top end of the swimming pool via another hole.
The valves and other connecting materials that are being utilized in the filtration process helps ensure that the water will stay in the swimming pool. This pump is capable of filtering as many as hundreds of gallons of water every hour. Most of the pools can be circulated usually with a rate of several hours. This will depend on the size of the swimming pool and how capable the intex pools pump is.
The 56635E intex pool pump is valued at $52. The intex pools pump comes with a 16 feet or smaller sized intex pool pump parts. You will need to purchase a hose converting kit for pair with the intex pools pump. The new and improved model has a lot of features:
€ Easy set up
€ It is packaged with valves, hoses and filter cartridge and instruction manual
€ A double insulated pump
€ An air release valve to trap air within the pump
€ Meets the ul/csa standards
€ Latest technology ensures a filtered and clean water

Another is the Krystal Wet Set Model 63 intex filter pool pump. Valued at $100,it has a complete set for features which consists of:
€ a package of hoses, plunger valves, strainers and clamps
€ the intex pool filter pump consists of a pre-installed Type B filter cartridge
€ has a heavy duty double insulated 120 V
€ runs on a horsepower water and pump
€ an air release valve for any leaking air coming from the intex pool filter pump system
€ a sediment valve flush embedded into the filter case for simple rinsing of any trapped sediment at bottom part of the filtered unit
€ an mounted waterproof power switch
€ easy to install - simply connect the hose, plug in and start the filter process

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