Intex Swimming Pool Reviews-The Intex Easy Set 18-Foot-By-48-Inch Round Pool Set  

by Pool Builders on 02-07-2011 in Articles

No article about Intex Swimming Pools Reviews would be complete without the Easy Set 18-Foot-by-48-Inch Round Pool Set.

This is one of the most popular models Intex carries,and we have owned 2 over the last 7-8 years.It is a wonderful product,but not without a few flaws.
*Economical-Good luck ever buying a WORTHY above ground pool at this price,especially for this much pool!We could never afford a "normal" above ground pool,but this pool was pretty affordable. Also uses less chemicals when properly cared for,saving even more $$$!
*Convenient-Easy setup and take down,only takes a few hours.I will note that it is important to level the ground properly before the first time setup.Also easy to maintain,just keep a floating chlorinator at least half-full of tablets,check the water's chlorine and Ph twice weekly,and shock once a week.
*Durable-Made of extremely tough,thick canvas-like material.
*FUN!-These pools really are a lot of fun for the family,and are a great deal for the money. Our last Easy Set 18-foot pool lasted 4 years of fun,so that's pretty hard to beat!

Now as I said,there are a few downsides you should know about as well.......
*Not Pet Friendly-Inflatable ring will shred QUICKLY if you have a panicked dog in this pool trying to claw his/her way out.I have had several clients tell me they lost their pool this way.DO NOT put your dog in the pool;it may seem cute until you are replacing the whole pool.
*Pump Could Be Better-I feel that the pump could be a little stronger than 500 gph,but being a professional pool man this is sort of a peeve of mine.While most users report no problems as long as they run the pump 24 hours a day,if you use the salt-water filter you will probably be happier.I upgraded my pump and filter although it isn't really needed.
*Cartridges Don't Last Long-These cartridges only last 2-3 weeks and NEED TO BE RINSED DAILY for best results! I recommend you Buy The 6 Packs to save a little money and avoid a supply shortage in the middle of summer.

All factors considered,I rate the Intex Easy Set 18-Foot-by-48-Inch Round Pool Set at a solid 4 stars!

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