Intex Swimming Pools - Different Reasons of Having Them

by Pool Builders on 01-28-2011 in Articles

Intex pools are the best way to cool down during summer. In fact, having a pool is part of every dream of every family. However, with a lot of disadvantages, common families cannot afford to have a conventional pool in their backyard. Not everyone has the financial ability to afford a classy conventional pool. It is a good thing that there is a simple solution to this problem. That is to install the Intex pool.

These are designed to have a pool that doesn't need a lot of digging, doesn't waste a lot of your time and money in trying to install them. Thus, Intex pools are inflatable, above the ground pools. They are the evolution of the conventional pools. Gone are the times that you go to your local neighbourhood pool. You don't need to be assaulted anymore by the many children and other adults who can disturb you in your swimming. Gone are the nagging feelings that you pick any communicable diseases from other people while swimming in the neighbourhood pool. You can now fully enjoy the comforts of having your own pool. Intex Corp. had made above-ground pools easily accessible to you.

With Intex pools, they are easily acquired, inexpensive, easy to install and maintain and they are portable. These are easily acquired since you don't need to get a license or permit to install them. You just buy these Intex pools and you can install them right away in your backyard. Moreover, they are inexpensive since it will only cost you more or less $200. You can save up to 80% of your money compared to $30,000 to $70,000 cost of having a conventional pool. These Intex pools are easy to install since you don't need the help of professional in setting them up. In fact, you could install them yourself or you could have the help of your buddies. They also came with step by step video instructions so you could easily follow them. They even guarantee that you can have fun and swim with it the same day you brought it home. All you need in installing them are your hammer and your screwdriver. Once you have a site that has been properly leveled and prepared, you can have your Intex pool ready for water in less than an hour. You just need to inflate the top ring first. Once it is inflated, you can fill it up with water. The most difficult part of setting the pool up is actually just working wrinkles out of the liner after you've started filling a little bit of water in.

There is different variety of pools you could choose from Intex. You could use the easy set pools, metal frame pools, rectangular ultra-metal frame pools and the round ultra-metal frame pools. They are of different sizes. You could choose the one that could fit your family only, or choose the one that is for big family, or you could have a bigger one to fit your friends as well. No matter what type of pools you choose from Intex, you are guaranteed to have a fun at an inexpensive cost.

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