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by Pool Builders on 02-05-2008 in Articles

Once the weather improves and winter has decided to go, all around the world many families look into an outdoor swimming pool which sites above ground and can sit there all summer until the time comes to store away for the winter. Many of above ground swimming pools are much larger than you would think, some of which are up to 30feet in length and can hold a whole family and their friends and still give enough room to splash about and have fun.

Depending on what kind of above ground pool you choose depends on how much water it can take, how to inflate it or assemble it. The cheaper varieties are inflated with air, which gives it the start of its shape, which then begins to let water in from the much more water, and many more people. A large garden is usually required for these, and can actually sit all winter without being taken down, but best to have a cover which covers over the top. Even a small amount of leaves, insects or other things can affect the quality of the water. Most pools do come with a filter, but to keep in optimum condition, looking after the water as well as the filter will give your pool a longer life. The other reason to get a pool cover is to stop the water evaporating. During the hot summer months, it can be quite surprising how much water can evaporate away.

When deciding what pool to get, bear in mind the amount of space around the pool you will need to get in and out and for safety. Makes of pool such as Intex and Bestway have inflatable varieties which should defiantly be kept away from sharp stones, bushes. Framed pools a little more forgiving as they come with a under sheet, but still be careful. All pools should be placed on flat area of the garden, otherwise the pool water can become uneven which can spill over the edge or worse case, put pressure on the side of the pool and damage it.

Intex Pools [] are very popular when it comes to the larger pools with their oval pool and rectangular pool ranges. Due to their size, they come with a ladder to get in and out of the pool so every aspect for safety has been taken into consideration. Whichever pool you choose, have fun.

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