Introduction of Pool Salt Cells  

by Pool Builders on 06-13-2012 in Articles

Chlorine generators are of great use as they eliminate the need to store chlorine products. These are the best pool salt cell forming the alternative pool sanitizers introduced to the spa and pool industry. Electrolysis is a process where the electricity is introduced to the salt solution in the generator cell and chlorine gas is produced.

The esc cells generated chlorine is useful in many ways:

€ Helps algae growth control

€ Controls bacteria

€ Kills pool pathogens.

These chlorine sanitizers create sanitary and safe swimming environment. Ecomatic cell is the best selling pool salt system and has gained wide acceptance long before and is popular even today. These salt cells help to maintain the healthy swimming environment by removing harmful chemicals from the pool water. ESC salt cells maintain the chemical balance of pool water.

The saltwater pool experience is over 25 years and is prominent for offering the saltwater pool system in highest quality and the Ecomatic salt system features:

€ Excellent record of dependability

€ Easy to read controls

€ Self cleaning and reversing cycles

€ Winter mode for cell life

€ Digital readout performance

€ LED for simple maintenance

€ Easy view fell body that is also easy to remove

Ecomatic cell is renowned for its best quality pool salt cell and its best qualities:

€ Superior Cell Quality- This is one of the dependable cells obtainable. It is the expensive salt system that is subjected to fail, in case it is not produced to meet high standards. This cell has superb record and there is hardly any case of failures. The Ecomatic salt cell is clear and inspecting the cell without eliminating it from the system is very helpful. You can see even while it is preparing chlorine. In this process, water enters the cell from one end and exits the other making chlorine. The water by the time it reaches the pool it becomes very clear.

€ Good Service Record- The equipment failures are rare with Ecomatic system and this makes the systems practice only perfect systems to be produced.

€ Ease of service and installation- The Ecomatic system requires two plumbing connections and electrical connection to keep going. The good point is that cell inspecting is easy as the body is clear. This facilitates in seeing what takes place inside without removing the assembling.

€ Simple cleaning- Cleaning the cell is a simple and straight process. You can remove the end cap easily and unscrew the element. However, unscrew two unions with hands and remove the cell and its casing.

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