Investigating swimming pool water loss  

by Pool Builders on 04-22-2012 in Articles

It's natural for swimming pools to lose water. Refilling the water level is a regular part of swimming pool maintenance. So how often is too often? If you're refilling your pool more than two inches a week, then you might have a leak. Let's take a closer look at swimming pool leakage and water loss.

The easiest way to find out if you have a leak is to take a bucket or another container that can hold water and mark the water line. Place it by your pool and check back at the end of the day or even in a few days. Is there a big difference in water levels? This way you know that they bucket experienced the same environmental factors as the pool. If the pool lost significantly more water, then you have your answer: you've got a swimming pool leak. Another sign of a swimming pool leak is if you have unexplained damp soil in the area close to your pool.

The most common cause of swimming pool water leakage is is damage to your pool or pool equipment, so if you suspect a leak, look over your equipment, especially your backwash lines. It could also be a piece of equipment malfunctioning. It could be the filter, one of the lines, or a number of other appliances. If you check for physical damage and can't find any, then you should try to observe your equipment in working action and look for leaks.

You also might have a tear in your liner, especially vinyl liners. Look for tears or other damage to your liner and also look particularly closely at areas of the liner that open for equipment connections. Liners don't last forever and should be replaced as needed because fixing leaks and the damage caused by leaks can be even more expensive than a new liner. There is even an entire branch of pool maintenance service devoted to finding and fixing leaks. If your leakage can be fixed by simply replacing your liner, then you would be saving yourself a lot of money. Find a new liner at a pool supply store if you're due for one even if you don't suspect a leak because then you'll be preventing leaks before they even happen.

There are natural ways to lose a lot of pool water, like evaporation or especially rowdy kids, so investigate the more obvious forms of water loss first.

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