Investing in Pattaya Condominiums  

by Pool Builders on 06-05-2012 in Articles

You have saved money and you clearly want to live in any of the condos for sale Pattaya has but you can't decide the kind of home you will buy. Buying an individual house may put a toll on your budget since individual houses have higher purchase prices and costs more in management. They are expensive. On the other hand, living in an apartment is not an option either because you'd be paying for the place yet you will not own it at all. If this is really the case and you're very ready to transfer somewhere where you can be king of the world, buy a condominium instead. There are some advantages living in a condominium can give to the property investor. But before looking at the advantages, try to consider first the things you need to assess before actually buying one. Here's a checklist of such things. Check the items you believe are applicable on your end.

1. Determine your intention for buying the property, whether you are going to live in the said condominium and make it your home, or stay there temporarily for a long time, like in seasonal vacation months. If you will be staying there for good, there will be more things to look into, such as your lifestyle and condominium accessibility. If you are staying in the area for good, then perhaps you can spend a lot on such home. Buy all the appliances you believe as necessary to your advantage, they will be able to help you in your daily means anyway. If you plan to only stay for a season and to have it rented a few months in the year, perhaps you can invest more on the upkeep and maintenance instead because you won't be able to personally attend to these.

2. Consider your interest. The condominium that you may need to buy should conform to your interests. The importance of living in a condominium that caters to your likes has something to do with satisfaction. You can never say that you're not satisfied because doing so will be like questioning your preferences. Thus, you can't complain about the facilities because you have to look into what the condominium can offer first before buying it. An example for this one will be looking into whether the condominium can offer a swimming pool amenity or not. If you don't have any swimming skill, and if you are not into pool parties at all, then why buy a condo with pool facility? Such condominium will technically be priced higher than the €no swimming pool€ condos for sale Pattaya realty can give you.

3. Go around the condominium and test everything, from pipes to switches. You need to do so to check leaks, rust and malfunctioning electrical and water connections. You must not hesitate from doing this and the realtor must not get mad at you for doing so, after all, you will be the one living in the condominium, not the realtor. The good thing about testing the systems is that you get to ask the realtor and developer to change condos or to fix things right if you want to stick to your chosen unit. Also, if you'll stick to such unit, the realtor and developer will have a record of the status of the condominium prior your move in date.

4. There are several condos for sale Pattaya can give to the interested property buyer and its normal if there will be competition among the sellers. However, if there are too many condos being sold in one specific area and few are bought, then do research on the possible site problem. There might be some major reasons why the condos in the area are not selling to the targeted market. They can be land quality, drainage system and sun exposure. Considering the land quality can help you see if the area's originally below sea level or not. If it is, then it can easily be flooded. You have to look into the drainage because you don't want stuck waters during rainy seasons. And you may want to see if there are shades available near the condominium because you don't want to be somewhere very hot despite the fact that your unit may have air conditioning.

5. Check on insurance. Does the condominium you're interested in provide insurance? This is important in case fires and other property accidents may happen. If the condominium is not covered by insurance, you'll have difficulty with recovering your investment once you've lost such property.

The five things listed are but a few of the things you need to look into when you're going to buy a condominium. There are still more but these is a good place to start with.

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