Investing in the Right Type of Pool Deck

by Pool Builders on 12-01-2013 in Articles

A great aspect of the pool deck area is the wide-ranging choices. Some of the most favored are likely to relate to those manufactured in concrete or wood. A wooden pool desk is certain to offer a highly attractive feature for the in ground swimming pools. Since there are so many options with the deck areas it is crucial to make the right decisions.

The area that surrounds the pool is likely to be used just as much as the actual pool. A well-planned deck area is perfect for placing the seating arrangements for sunbathing or relaxing to providing a perfect space for outside cooking or barbeques. A further issue relating to the deck area concerns making them safe and slip resistant to avoid the mishaps and falls.

Types of pool decks

Concrete - Similar to providing endless designs for the actual swimming pool, concrete as a material is able to offer the more unique and attractive designs for the deck area. A concrete designed deck is a highly attractive feature if designed to complement the decor of the pool and main residence. A further quality of the concrete deck is the ability to colour or decorate as desired to create the more personal finish.

Wooden - A further popular choice for deck construction includes those manufactured in wood. A redwood or cedar built pool deck is certain to give an elegant and rich finish. Even though the wooden decks aren't too expensive and look great once installed, an issue to consider relates to the maintenance. They will need much more ongoing maintenance compared to the option of concrete.

Rock Surface - A more unique design is often achieved with using a material like rock. A rock surface is highly effective at creating the landscape that can appear much like a lagoon or beach. A rock deck once laid is shiny and smooth to provide a comfortable surface for the feet and often more resistant to the sun's heat compared to the concrete flooring.

Other options for constructing the swimming pool deck include masonry, vinyl, and aluminum. It often benefits to look at landscaping magazines or similar to get an appreciation of how these different deck areas might appear once installed on the property.

When it comes to having the pool deck designed it is important to use the services of those that have prior experience with a range of designs and styles and is comfortable working with a desired type of material. For inspiration on some of the different looks for the deck area, it helps to research the latest designs using brochures or pictures found in print publications or online.

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