Is An Indoor Swimming Pool Right For Your Family's Needs?

by Pool Builders on 02-26-2011 in Articles

If you install an indoor in ground swimming pool you can take your home from humdrum to giving it the feeling of being in a private resort. A swimming pool also adds value to your home above and beyond what you pay to have it installed.

A swimming pool is a large expenditure, especially when you think about the short amount of time you may be able to swim in one if you live in an area of the country that has as much winter as it does summer. If you construct one indoors you will have access to it year-round.

  1. If you have an area of your home that is large enough to accommodate a swimming pool you could consider putting it there. If not, consider having an extension or enclosure constructed to house your in ground pool. Most homeowners opt to have an enclosure or addition specifically built to house it.
  2. If your home already has an in-ground swimming pool, speak with a contractor to see about building a pool enclosure as a permanent structure around the pool. It could have a retractable roof or sides. This type of pool enclosure has the look of a greenhouse and with the retractable sides you can enjoy the outside while you're swimming.
  3. It's clear to see the benefits of an indoor swimming pool. Even in the coldest areas of the country, you will still be able to reap the health benefits of swimming year-round. The indoor pool also gives you an oasis and a way to enjoy it even when the wind is howling and the snow is falling. On hot or humid days, having an indoor pool allows you to swim and have shelter against the hottest rays of the sun. For days when it's a scorcher outside, being able in the pool is enjoyable, but lounging around on deck is not - the indoor pool option addresses that issue.
  4. You and your contractor will need to work with local building authorities to see what the local building ordinances are as it relates to indoor swimming pools. While it's a given that your pool contractor will know to do this, make certain he or she checks to see that the floor is strong enough to support the weight of it.
  5. Keep in mind that an indoor swimming pool creates humidity. You will likely want to purchase a dehumidifier to control it or it could lead to wood rot and mold forming; you can address that issue by installing a retractable cover or walls on the pool and installing an exhaust or window fan or dehumidifier.

Installing an indoor in ground swimming pool will only add to your family's fun and enjoyment and it will allow you to swim and play year round.

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