Is Chlorine Good For A Swimming Pool?

by Pool Builders on 03-25-2010 in Articles

When we are swimming, unconsciously we result the organic substance that contains nitrogen such as sweat, saliva, and urine. If chlorine is mixed with this substance, it will result a very dangerous substance such as chloramines.

Some of chloramines are soluble in the water. But, some of them are released in the air (trichloramine) and makes the area around the swimming pool will smell such chlorine. The highest concentration of chloramines in the air in the shortest distance, that is on the surface of the pool. For the sake of the clean of water that will be got, the manger of the swimming pool will add the amount of chlorine that is used in the water. However, the high concentration of chlorine causes the body absorbs the danger substance, especially for the skin and the respiratory.

This will be worse if the pool is indoor. Ideally, swimming pool is built in outdoor. This is because the air circulation will decrease the chlorine concentration. In indoor pool, trichloramine will be trapped in the air inside the room. Moreover, if the room does not have good ventilation, the condition will be worse.

When you feel that you can breathe and smell the chlorine, this means that the containing of chlorine in that pool is very high and this is very dangerous. Everybody can suffer the danger of chlorine. Thus, you have to be careful in choosing the swimming pool when you want to swim especially when you want to swim with your children. But, if you use your own pool, make sure that the amount of the chlorine is in the safe limit.

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