Is It Time to Replace Your Pool Liner?

by Pool Builders on 03-03-2011 in Articles

When the warm weather hits, it's nice to have relaxing and fun backyard recreation, namely a pool. If you own an in-ground swimming pool, no doubt it's your pride and joy. The time spent taking care of the water and filtering away debris, and using only the best chemicals to keep the water safe and clean is well worth it when you are floating on an inflatable lounger on a sunny day. Pool maintenance means more than watching the wet stuff, however. If you intend to keep your pool for a long time, it's important to know when major things need replacing. The liner, for one, requires extra inspection.

A strong, vinyl liner is customized to fit the bowl of your pool. It is designed not only to keep the water inside, but to extend the life of the swimming area as a whole. The liner protects the concrete bowl and provides an improved appearance to your recreational area. When you work with a pool service professional to have a liner installed in your new pool, you may have the opportunity to see how they are specifically cut to fit.

A good liner will typically last seven to ten years, depending on the brand and material - synthetic vinyl being the most popular. If you have purchased a home with a pool are not sure how long the current liner has been in place, you will want to watch for a few signs to determine its age.

1) Discoloration. Over time, exposure to the sun and use of chemicals will cause a liner's cover to fade. When that once brilliant blue becomes so light as to almost look white, it may be time to look into a replacement. You don't want to wait too long in this case, because severe fading could also be a sign of corrosion. If the liner gets too brittle you'll suffer leakage.

2) Ragged edges. Keep an eye on the liner bead and seams. Does it appear to come off the track? This is possible if the liner was not installed correctly, or if the liner is too small or large for your pool. It is vital to fix these problems as they are discovered because it could mean further damage to your pool in the future. Leaks can corrode the pool walls and eventually cause sinkholes.

When you are ready for a new liner, consult with your local pool supplies and maintenance professional for the next steps. The sooner you have your pool liner replaced, the sooner you can enjoy your summer.

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