Is Starting A Pool Franchise Right For You?

by Pool Builders on 09-15-2013 in Articles

If you have been thinking of starting a business - especially first-timers - there are many benefits to franchising as a means to get your dreams off the ground. Franchising gives you the right to operate an individual branch of a parent company in exchange for a percentage of the sales you make (called "royalties"). You'll also get guidance, support, and brand recognition from the parent company. For some people, starting a pool franchise might be just the business solution they have been looking for, as the aquatics industry has numerous advantages for business owners.

As a pool franchise owner, you have the benefit of knowing that business format you are following (including everything from operational procedures to marketing strategies) has been tried and tested with positive results. With larger parent companies, you can have the benefit of nation-wide advertising campaigns that can supplement your local advertising efforts. And, with highly visible and recognizable companies, you won't have to spend much in the way of time or money to build brand recognition with your customer base.

One advantage that's especially attractive for first-time business owners is that parent companies will also work with you in the very beginning to make sure that your employees are trained properly, and that you have the materials and resources you need in place to get off to a running start. And while your parent company cannot guarantee that you won't face competition from rival businesses in your region, parent companies often grant their franchisees "protected territory," which is a guarantees that no other company branches will be built in the area, so you can be assured that you will not have customers taken from you by another franchise.

So why consider a pool franchise? The home and commercial aquatics industry has been growing since World War II, when servicemen returning home helped usher in a new version of the American dream - a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, new car in the garage, and a pool in the backyard. A pool offers innumerable benefits, including exercise, family and social bonding, and pure recreational value too.

According to some estimates, there are as many as 10 million swimming pools and 5 million spas in the United States, a number that grows by the thousands every year. Those same estimates place the amount of money spent on aquatic services, equipment, and supplies at more than 5 billion dollars annually. Many homeowners lack the kind of free time or expertise needed perform regular maintenance on their aquatic systems, especially when it comes to chemicals and complicated mechanical pumps and filtration devices. More and more they turn to companies with professional technicians to keep their aquatic systems running smoothly. With a regular service contract, homeowners get the benefit of a well-functioning spa or swimming area, and the pool franchise owner gets the benefit of a guaranteed return customer and recurrent income stream.

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