Is Swimming Good Exercise?

by Pool Builders on 07-26-2008 in Articles

Is swimming good exercise? You bet!! There are many benefits to doing swimming as an exercise. Take a look at these benefits and don on that bathing suit and hit your local pool.

One of the top cardio-vascular exercises

Swimming is THE most effective and healthy cardio-vascular exercises that almost anyone has access to. Unlike other cardio-vascular exercises such as jogging or cycling, swimming has minimum (if any) impact on your joints and back. This is why doctors recommend their patients with lower or upper back problems to go swimming, as swimming strengthens their back muscles without adding impact to their backs while doing so. Swimming is also one of the best exercises for your lungs and heart.

Great cross-training with land exercises

In addition to building your endurance and lung capacity, swimming serves as a very effective cross-training exercise with your regular workouts and land exercises. Swimming is a very good warm-up exercise prior to your land workout; it gradually increases your heart rate and stimulates your muscle activities. After your workouts, swimming can benefit your body by helping you cool-down, help your blood circulate in your muscles to help with muscle recovery, and relax you mentally. Professional athletes usually have swimming or time in the pool as part of their workout schedules.

Less prone to injuries

Consider this: athletes who get injured doing their sport all go to the pool to either help recover from that injury or go to the pool to stay in shape while recovering. You can see that exercises in the pool or swimming in general are relatively safe from injuries compared to other cardio-vascular exercises.

Is swimming good exercise? You bet it is!!

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