Is Swimming Good For Weight Loss?

by Pool Builders on 06-29-2010 in Articles

Swimming is more than just a sport or workout activity. It is one of the most favorite hobbies and passtimes of men and women of all ages. It's only when you look at swimming contests and see the amazing shape that some of these swimmers are in that you take the time to stop and think: "Wow! Look at their body. This must be an awesome way to get in shape."

Is this really the case? Is swimming a good way to lose weight and get fit?

Professional swimmers are in the pool day after day for hours and they workout in gyms regularly as well so they may not be the perfect role model for you. However, there's little doubt that swimming, as any other workout does increase calorie burning and so helps you to accelerate your fat loss even further.

There are a few benefits to swimming that some of the other cardio workouts do not have:

1. It's a low impact sport as you don't experience shocks from jumping or running. Even cycling can have more of an impact on your. This makes swimming one of the better activities for people with joint issues.

2. It involves your entire body in the movement - Every bit of you is working to get you forward in the water, from the soles of your feat to your arms and shoulders. This is a total body workout.

3. It is not only a cardio workout but a strength one as well, so you're getting a double benefit: burning calories and building lean muscle tissue and strength at the same time.

This workout does burn lots of calories. If you're looking for a workout to help you lose more weight faster, swimming is a very good option for you to use.

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