Is Swimming Good For Weight Loss? The Answer  

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Everyone thinks of every perky ways to slim up and cut their weights which would include Zumba fitness, extreme diets, weight lifting and more. But swimming is rarely being thought of as one of the best ways to reach the same goal. Even you wouldn't have thought of it before reading this article. But think again, swimming should be included in the list. If you think about it, there are no other workouts that melt your calories down, can increase your metabolism and make your muscles firm better than working out through swimming. All these things can be done without putting too much pressure on your bones or joints.

Just look at swimming superstar Natalie Coughlin if you're in doubt of what this kind of workout can do. Just watching her figure can make you realize the power of water can create a well-sculpted look and moreover a healthy perfect body. A study was actually done in Indiana University and they found out that those who were involved in swimming regardless of the age had more lean muscles than those who were not into it. The former guys had smaller waists and hips. In short, they really looked good in the appearance, inside and out.

Although swimming can't give you the convenience just like you running, all you have to do is bring three important items which are as follows: a swimming cap, swim suit and goggles. Having completed these items will make you ready for the refreshing cold water. It's one of the best workouts and indeed swimming is good for weight loss.

How Does It Work?

If you are wondering how water or swimming can give you a perfect shape, it's pretty simple. It's actually the result of a flood of burning calories and movement of muscles. Statistics say that a simple swimming activity can burn up to 500 calories within an hour. Just imagine how much it will burn up if you are into a vigorous flapping back and forth. And since water is almost or even more than 800 times denser as compared to air, each single kick, push and pull actually creates a resistance workout that's highly beneficial for your body most especially your core, hips, arms, shoulders and other essential parts that are involved in the movement.

That's the reason why at the same time as you're burning a lot of fats inside your body, you are also building your muscles. It has an effect as well because it speeds up your metabolism which results to burning more calories the moment you take your shower. The fun part is that while swimming, you create lean muscles but at the same time the activity itself is kind to your body. Water can neutralize gravity which makes you weightless when immersed. The effect is that it gives your joints some rest and prepares it for the next series of activities. This irony is actually beneficial to your body.

Joel Stager, a PhD and director of the Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming at Indiana University claims that you can actually swim every single day without having to worry about risking an injury. This guy has been studying swimming almost half of his life so you really have the reason to believe him. He further says that you can't do that if you are into running or strength training.

This makes swimming well for one thing, and it's that you can do it for the rest of your life. One huge bonus about this activity is that it literally helps you maintain your young age. "Our research shows that habitual swimmers are biologically up to 20 years younger than their actual age," says Stager. He hasn't said that without being accompanied and supported by documents. It was presented in The American College of Sports Medicine Conference. The data showed that a swimmer's blood pressure, cholesterol level, cardio performances and CNS as well as cognitive functions have a great similarity as compared to that of a younger person.

A Great Fitness Choice

Another expert, an exercise physiologist named Robert A. Robergs claim that swimming can be a good fitness choice for everyone and not just for any single age group. Yes, even if you have physical limitations who find other forms of exercises painful, you will never feel bad about swimming. Robergs claims that it's a recommended exercise for those who are suffering certain joint diseases like arthritis. The reason is that it's a low impact activity. Robergs is the director of exercise physiology labs at the University of Mexico in Albuquerque. "Swimming is also desirable for people with exercise-induced asthma," continues Robergs, "as the warm, humid air [around the pool] causes less irritation to the airways."

Swimming for joint protection

Since swimming is a low impact exercise unlike the common physical workouts that are available, it has more wonderful effects to offer. The result is that you protect your joints from stress and strain. The Arthritis Foundation actually recommends swimming as well as other water activities because of this particular reason. They support this so much that they sponsor swimming activities and water classes in different areas all around the country.

You may have heard about water aerobics and it's one of the activities that are highly supported by the same group. The reason is that even if you jump and hit the bottom part of the pool, you can hit the floor with lesser force because of buoyancy. Moreover, if you are wearing a floating device while on water, the impact is even lesser.

Swimming can be done for a lifetime. As you have read earlier, it holds no limits to any age. You can swim regardless of your status or gender. Jack La Lanne, who's a famous body builder who died in 2011, was even swimming at least one hour every day at the age of 93. If older people can do that, so you can you. There's no time to start this wonderful activity but now. It is fun, refreshing and at the same time healthy activity. So if you're to ask, is swimming good for weight loss? You should know the answer by now.

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