Is The Local Swimming Pool Always Busy?

by Pool Builders on 10-07-2013 in Articles

If it is proving to be a hot summer like this one is, and you find yourself in the middle of a heat wave then you may well find that your local outdoor swimming pool is extremely busy to the point of crowd suffocation, and you find yourself unable to move in the pool without constantly being bumped into by other people. If this is the case then have you ever thought about purchasing your own swimming pool?

Firstly, do not go thinking "I cannot possibly afford one, they cost tens of thousands of pounds to install and take weeks of work to put in place". For sure this is true of the in ground type of swimming pools, but have you ever thought about purchasing an above ground swimming pool?

If not they are certainly well worth taking a closer look at, as you will certainly be pleasantly surprised when it comes to how little they cost to purchase, and also how easy they are to install and how fast you can actually put them in place.

Firstly they have the great advantage that by having your own pool it means that it is never closed and you can swim at midnight if you so wish. Secondly it is only ever going to be as crowded as you wish it to be. If you wish to swim quietly on your own you can do so, or on weekends you can opt to have friends around. Having your own one gives you this freedom of choice.

Whilst initially you may take a look at an above ground pool and think that it does not look that strong, but think again as they are designed to put up with a great deal of boisterous activity, indeed the metal framed above ground swimming pools are in actual fact designed to be semi-permanent year round installations if need be (And your climate allows).

Nor do above ground ones cost the earth to run as the chemicals needed to keep the water clean can cost just pennies a day particularly if you purchase them in bulk from an online pool supplier.

You may be pleasantly surprised at how fast you will get the purchase cost of the swimming pool back when you consider how much you spend each week if you regularly take your kids swimming at an outdoor pool in summer, and if you purchase your own one, those annoying crowds will become a thing of the past.

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