Is The Pool Ionizer Truly Effective?

by Pool Builders on 09-20-2007 in Articles

While looking for new methods to maintain a healthy swimming pool more and more people are looking into chemical free pools. This leads us to the search and understanding of a pool ionizer. A pool ionizer works simply by adding copper and silver to your pool. While an ionizer used properly is safe how exactly efficient is it?

A pool ionizer works fairly simple but implementing silver and copper ions into the water. These ions work to kill bacteria and algae that are present. The problem comes when this is not exactly fully effective. When an algae problem gets out of hand during the time a pool is dormant and covered people are finding it very hard to get copper levels high enough to kill the algae that is present. If your pool gets beyond the green algae and your issues are black algae you will find it almost impossible to get the copper levels high enough to tackle this problem.

To tackle winterization problems people are finding that they need to add a non copper based algaecide to there pools and run there pool ionizer on max for a few days bumping ppb up to higher then normal levels. Then upon opening the pool after the winterization period is over they have to run the pool ionizer again on max for a few days. Then placing the system on a time to run during long periods of the day to maintain there pools properly. There is a lot of work that goes into efficiently running a pool ionizer and sometimes that hard work does not pay off when the algae problem is just too large for a pool ionizer to tackle. Some pool ionizer users have even gone so far as to resulting to using pool chemical use to clean a mess after winterization. Not only this some pool users are even opting to place one chlorine tablet into there filter to keep there pool's clarity more clear then what the pool ionizer is offering in clarity.

When a pool owners resorts back to the use of chemicals to clean there pool they are effectively proving that the pool ionizer is not as effective as the pool chemicals. It seems this pool ionizer method of a chemical free pool is not exactly holding up to the standards of being chemical free if it needs assistance now and then by chemicals to fix a larger algae problem or to keep the clarity levels to the pool owner's satisfaction.

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