Is Your Child Showing An Interest In Learning How To Swim? Here Is How To Prepare Him Or Her For Their First Water Adventure!  

by Pool Builders on 04-10-2013 in Articles

Your child may be showing an interest in swimming all of a sudden. Perhaps their friends are learning or perhaps they have watched people in the sea and they want to join in. Whatever their reason for wanting to learn to swim you should be encouraging them. But before they jump in at the deep end (ahem) itâEUR(TM)s wise to get them prepared for what lies ahead, and child swimming lessons are the way forward. Here is how:-

Talk Them Through It

A conversation with your child about swimming is really important. Ask them why they want to learn and whether they understand what is involved. Perhaps they are nervous so take some time to explain how some people are scared of water but there is nothing to be worried about if you learn how to do it properly. Explain the process, from getting ready in the changing rooms to getting into the pool. A child will feel very reassured if they have been talked through the process before it actually happens âEUR" nothing will take them by surprise.

Swim Together As Much As Possible

Get them used to being in the water by swimming with them. They will see that you are confident and not scared and so they will feel the same. If you are scared of the water then get an adult who isnâEUR(TM)t to take them instead, and try not to let on that you are scared as they will be likely to develop a fear themselves.

Make A Big Deal Out Of It

When your child is ready to learn how to swim make a big fuss about taking them to the shops and picking out a swimming costume. Treat them to a float and goggles and maybe even a snorkel and they wonâEUR(TM)t be able to wait to try them all out! Build excitement by telling everyone you bump into that your child is about to learn to swim. It will puff them up and make them really desperate to get straight into the pool!
Praise Them!

Kids respond really well to praise so make sure you congratulate them on their achievements every step of the way!

Tread carefully when your child is learning to swim. You donâEUR(TM)t want to do anything that might put them off or give them a fear of the water. Be positive and encouraging and let them know you are right behind them.

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