Is Your Dog Really Pool Safe?  

by Pool Builders on 01-29-2012 in Articles

Most dogs from the Mastiff down to the Chihuahua love to swim, but is your dog safe around your pool? Maybe you have a pool cover, and that's great. Only you don't use it in the hot weather, and your pet AKC certified Chihuahua loves to jump right in with you. As long as you are supervising the dog, that's great, but what if you're precious pooch enters your pool while you are asleep or worse, away?

Many states require pool owners to build a 6-foot opaque fence around the perimeter of the pool and deck area, but even then, there's the matter of the gate with that gap at the bottom to make opening and closing easier. That gap only needs to be 6 inches high for a Chihuahua to wriggle through.

I am using the Chihuahua as an example because I used to raise them. These tiny dogs are inquisitive, active, fierce and fearless. If you are not alert, they can get away from you in an instant. One of my Chihuahuas, Donny, was particularly tiny, fierce and fearless. When we lived in the local mountains, we had to walk our dogs on leashes because of the wild animals and other dogs. Donny didn't like other animals on €his€ property. Once, he jerked the leash out of my hand and chased off a Beagle that belonged to a neighbor. The next time wasn't so tame, though. He chased off a coyote!

If you have a tiny dog like Donny, you need to take extra safety precautions around your swimming pool. You need to find a way to close the gap and still open the gate. You also need to keep your pool covered unless you're using it. Furthermore, if you have an outdoor dog and are in a €no fence€ state, you should invest in a pool alarm and an escape ramp for your pampered pet.

Escape ramps attach quickly and securely to your deck, dock or boat, allowing your pet to get back out of the water whenever he or she wishes. Pool alarms come in several types; wrist pool alarms, perimeter pool alarms and gate pool alarms.

Even with all of these alarms, one of the best dog safety precautions a pet owner can take is training and supervision. When you bring your pet into the pool, never leave him or her alone, and always train him or her to use the pet ramp. Teaching your pet how to swim and showing him or her where the escape ramp is can save your pet's life and prevent deadly pet accidents.

However, no amount of training, fencing and pool alarms can guarantee the safety of your dog. If, unfortunately, you were not able to prevent a deadly pet accident and you want to honor your special, little guy or girl, you should visit Pet Loss Urns for beautiful ways to keep your pet near you always.

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