Is Your Kid Taking Swimming Lessons?  

by Pool Builders on 06-25-2014 in Articles

Watching your child swimming joyously with friends in the family pool is immense pleasure.
A swimming pool is a wonderful leisure opportunity for adults and children. However, many people still have a disbelief that swimming in such a young age can be dangerous and would harm their kids. In contrary to this, most parents believe in the fact that a kid should start swimming at an age of 6 month. If parents accompany children in the pool and follow proper safety measures, no harm can obstruct children's first ever swimming classes.

Start Swimming from First 6 Months of Age

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents should start taking their children in the pool as soon as they complete first six months and initiate formal swimming lessons as soon as they complete four years.

Once you understand what kids are experiencing inside the water, the process of teaching them to swim becomes easier & more effective. Creating fun in the swimming classes helps to engage them in water and feel comfortable. The body and physical ability of a kid differ largely from that of an adult. Similarly, feelings, motivational factors, sensory experiences, and perceptions too vary from one child to another. Thus, there are various factors to consider while teaching kids how to swim. Therefore, it's important to take some time out of your schedule and put yourselves in children's shoes.

Before You Begin with the Activity

Here are some simple tips to follow.

  • Concentrate first on comfort in water and then on swimming skills
  • Don't forget to be with your child inside the pool
  • Try to make swimming class a fun activity for children; including water games, splashing, and water songs
    Offer constant support to your kid to avoid the fear of drowning
  • Don't over teach just because your kid is picking up faster in the water. Teach extensive swimming skills over the time
  • Avoid using buoyancy aids for longer, no matter how tempting they are for children
  • While teaching skills, don't forget to teach a few basic safety skills too
  • As your kid learns to swim well, gradually encourage sinking to get him/her to float & glide

Swimming is an ideal exercise for any age due to the multiple benefits it offers.
Swimming -

  • Eliminates the fear of water
  • Raises the confidence level
  • Helps to form a strong parent-kid bond while enjoying together in the pool
    Enables easy movement & improves the natural posture

A number of swimming classes are available for babies & kids. You can choose the best one for your child and get started with the fun in no time!

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