Is Your Pool Just a Pool When it Could Be So Much More?

by Pool Builders on 08-04-2010 in Articles

Swimming pools today are so much more than they used to be in the beginning. An in-ground pool was an item that was costly enough on its own. The added features quite frequently meant that the entire process became cost-prohibitive.

These days pools have come down to very reasonable pricing and the ability to add some amazing new features to them, or around them is within nearly everyone's grasp. If you're the proud owner of a pool and its nothing more than a pool, why not take a good look at all the little extras that you can have in your pool area.

Have you considered all the wonderful new things that you could add to your pool that would take it from fun to fantastic? Consider the addition of a waterfall to your pool, flowing down into the water from above you. After the pool has been added, even years afterward, a waterfall addition can take place that will quite literally make your pool the most remarkable feature about your entire property.

A waterfall, cascading downward with an area beneath where the water flows down over your body as you swim below is nothing short of breathtaking. The sound of a waterfall is soothing, while the feel of the water flowing over you is invigorating. A waterfall is a unique addition to your pool that isn't often seen, making it that much more special. Surrounded by trees and landscaping plants, the waterfalls upper area often doubles for a lunch or breakfast area where a quiet meal overlooking the water is possible.

Another unique idea for a pool add-on might be a swim up bar for you and your guests. The swim up bar is a great way to keep beverages on hand for your guests and family while you're in the pool. From cold soft drinks to icy water, to a relaxing glass of wine, the poolside swim-in bar makes an addition that everyone can love.

Did you know that about a third of the in-ground pools being built these days are incorporating other water features along with the pool? Water slides are among the most popular. The water slide generally runs down into the more shallow aspect of the pool, usually with under five feet of water, so even if your pool isn't a very deep one you can still have a water slide.

Say goodbye to those costly trips to the water park when you've got better features at home than they do in the park. A swim up area for drinks and snacks, a waterfall, sending luscious streams of water down across the pool, or a water slide, sure to please the children and the adults are just a few of the water features that can be added to your pool during building or afterward.

Is your pool just a pool? Investigate the many additions that you can make to your in-ground pool and find out how much more it can actually be.

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