Is Your Swimming Pool Guy "Cheating" on You?

by Pool Builders on 10-14-2009 in Articles

Do you feel that the short amount of time your pool guy is spending on your pool is not enough? You should know the correct pool cleaning services that you are paying for. When you pay the pool guy money to clean your pool, in return he should be doing the correct amount of work to keep your pool in service. Don't let him get away with making the money and not doing to job.

If your pool guy is only spending 10 minutes on a full pool service contract for cleaning your pool, then he is cheating on you. You should know the full time being spent on your pool. Even if your pool is being cleaned once a week, there is more to cleaning a pool than just looking at it. Make sure you know what the specifics of what your pool guy is doing while he is servicing your pool. Even if your pool has an automatic vacuum system your pool cleaner should be cleaning the hard to reach areas with a brush to sweep the dirt and grime off the stairs and in every corner. Every pool has a few spots that the automatic vacuum cannot get to without some help.

If your pool area has a lot of trees or bushes around your pool cleaner should use a net to skim the top of the pool to get all of the un-invited items out of the pool. This may be a small or simple job however if it is not being done your pool guy is cheating on you. The ph balance should be tested every time your pool is serviced. The service should include a treatment of sanitizing such as chlorine this will help with bacteria growing in your pool and stay safe to use. If your pool is turning green your pool cleaner is cheating on you.

If your pool needs extra treatment to keep up the ph balance your pool service should include shocking treatments if needed. Some pools need to be shocked more than other depending on the amount of trees and bushes around your pool, this may also be needed due to the amount of usage your pool has.

You should work with your pool cleaner at the begging of the season to let him know what services your pool needs, so you do not have the chance of being cheating on. If you have your pool serviced all year around then also let him know what should be done on the seasons that you don't use the pool as much. In addition you may not need as much service in the off seasons. Here are a few tips that will let you know that your pool cleaner is cheating.

* The pump area is a mess... he is cheating

* The corners of the pool are not cleaned

* Your pool is constantly with green spots

* The time clock on the pump system is always the wrong time set

* The water flow in your pump is bad and he's not telling you why

* The skimmer basket and pump basket is dirty. This is the easiest job of all if the basket is not cleaned out then you need fix this issue.

When your pool cleaner has left and you check out the service he has given, and you find things that might make you question the job then you should make a list of what you want done to your pool from now on for your pool services.

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