Is a Saltwater Swimming Pool Safer?

by Pool Builders on 06-10-2011 in Articles

It used to be that saltwater swimming pools were not the norm when it comes to the kind of water treatment used for pools. Nowadays, it has become the standard in creating swimming pools. Builders and manufacturers of swimming pool equipment are now aware that saltwater swimming pools are not just a passing fad.

They are becoming the norm. People who usually claim to have an allergic or sensitive reaction to chlorine-treated pool water are not really reacting to the presence of chlorine in the pool. These swimmers are not aware that it is the carriers and additives which are present in packaged pool chemicals that are causing these reactions. The same people who experience allergies when exposed to chlorinated water do not have the same reactions when they swim in saltwater pools.

The reason does now lie in the absence of chlorine as saltwater systems develop their own chlorine, too, but the difference is that saltwater pools do not contain the same additives that are found in those packaged pool chemicals. Some of the advantages of a saltwater swimming pool system are the following: The amount of chlorine is lesser than chlorine-treated pools. The traditional pool has a 3.0 to 10.0 ppm of chlorine.It does not make you feel like you have just bathed in a pool of chemicals.

It does not make use of packaged chlorine treatments; nor treatments against algae; and it does not need or use baking soda or soda ash.Swimming in it is more comfortable. Since you do not need to add any harsh chemical treatments for it, you also remove the cause of many of the irritating discomforts that most swimmers experience because of it.There is less need for stabilizers. When you use the chlorine treatment, you will need a pound of stabilizer for every two pounds of chlorine tablet that you use. Once the stabilizer level reaches to more than 100 ppm, the chlorine in your pool eventually becomes ineffective.

Growth of yellow algae occurs together with poor sanitation. With saltwater pool systems, however, you only need to add stabilizers as the need arises and therefore keep it on a low level. The chlorine in the water remains effective and you would only need to use a few. Growth of algae can be controlled. In saltwater systems, the algae cannot grow since stabilizers do not inhibit the chlorine in the water. Some pool owners do not really catch-up that quickly when it comes to changing the water chemistry of their pools once they have switched to using saltwater on their pools.

They are usually not able to adapt and follow the instructions carefully concerning the pools water's chemistry. Some even have difficulties in trying to adjust the pH levels of their pools. Buy with all its needed modifications, saltwater swimming pools will definitely be worth all that you spend.

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