Is a Swim Spa Pool a Good Choice for You?

by Pool Builders on 10-01-2014 in Articles

You love swimming, but you cannot have a swimming pool built on your property. Then you can consider a swim spa pool. These spas have been around for quite some time, but currently they enjoy a great increase in popularity due to the decreasing ownership costs. Find out more about this type of facility to decide whether it will be right for you.

How It Works

The typical swim spa pool is bigger than a traditional spa and smaller than a lap pool. Most models are between 2.2 and 4.3 metres in length. The volume typically ranges from 3,000 to 7,000 litres. Sufficiently strong water current is produced by a specially designed mechanism set on one of the shorter sides of the pool. The created resistance enables you to swim inside and to get a nice workout. You can practice all of the four major types of strokes.


The swim spa pool has lower initial, maintenance and operation costs compared to a traditional swimming pool. It requires much less space as well. At the same time, it gives you an equally beneficial workout. You can enjoy not only swimming inside. You can do water aerobics and even resistance exercises. After you are done with the workout, you can get a massage from the water and air jets which are especially designed for this. This type of facility is suitable for family fun as well. Kids will love the bigger space for play.


There are two main types of swim spa pool designs which you should consider. There are models with seats and massage gets on the sides. You can just sit down and relax after a swim. However, the water temperature will remain the same. You will have to pick a temperature which is either suitable for swimming or traditional spa experience. There are also models with separate swimming and spa areas. They are physically separated. In this way, you can set two different temperatures.

There are models which are designed to be installed in a deck and ones which are self-contained. The self-contained models have wood or plastic cabinet. The are set above the ground.


As explained earlier, the facility and installation costs are lower compared to those for a traditional swimming pool. The modern facilities are made to be energy-efficient and this helps to bring the operating cost down. The maintenance cost is similar to that for a traditional spa.

If you decide that you want a swim spa pool, you can focus on comparing different models.

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