Is it True? Can I Go Swimming With a Yeast Infection?

by Pool Builders on 07-15-2008 in Articles

If you have asked yourself "Can I go swimming with a yeast infection?" and suffer from it, then most probably you haven't asked your doctor. She would advise you not to swim while suffering from yeast infection, since summertime and fungus don't go match. The bacteria finds warmness and moistness and ideal environment for multiplying and, in the end, it would get worse.

Most probably, your doc will tell you to wait till the infection starts to wear off due to treatment. But you may have a hectic summer social life which may lead you to go for a swim or just a pool party. Anyway, swimming is still not advisable.

When having a yeast infection the pH level varies much more than when your skin is healthy. There are several other reasons for a pH imbalance such as a poor diet or hormonal fluctuations. The ph level would wear your poor defenses off, beside the yeast infection, and if you go swimming you can catch a more serious health issue.

This is due to what is in the water you're going to swim in. For example, substances such as chlorine and others will drive your vaginal pH levels crazy. Besides, salt and sand and present on beach water will have the same effect on you pH. If your pH is not well-balanced it could lead to rash and make the infection more difficult to be cured.

Can I Go Swimming With A Yeast Infection And Still Get It Cured?

There are some precautions you should take into account if you're going to swim anyway if you want to prevent your infection from getting worse. The first thing to do is to take off your bikini bottom immediately after swimming and wash it thoroughly. To avoid further rash or itching wash yourself with water only and no soap, and dry carefully. Apply your topical medicine.

If you prefer, you can treat yourself before swimming as well as after swimming. There are several OTC suppositories which are ideal for treating yeast infections on the spot. You should also remember not to keep your bathing suit wet for a long time.

If you're still thinking "Can I go swimming with a yeast infection?" now you have more information in your hands. Take yeast infection seriously because if it is not treated, it can affect not just you but your partner as well. It is important to treat it before you pass it to someone else.

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