Jacuzzi Pool Filters Adopts Eco-friendly Filtration Technology  

by Pool Builders on 07-04-2011 in Articles

Unicel is one of the most appreciated brands in the pool filter industry, advertizing many qualities and advantages, which can't be found in any of their competitors' products. While buying a new pool filter, we must keep in mind all the features we required and what the Unicel is offering us. We must go through the guide to find out what Unicel is offering us, and how to retain the filter after being installed and used it for a while.

The most remarkable feature in the recent line of Unicel pool filters is the wheel appliance that places it in the central point of the filter component. The function of this part is to introduce reinforcement configurationally into the middle of the filter; checking the final disintegration that generally all filters go older. This disintegration usually occurs when the filter is not accurately hygienic and maintained, so we don't have to worry for it, if we go during this practice regularly. There are some additional companies that share out these reinforcements, and if we want to utilize one of these products with a Unicel filter, we can easily eliminate the reinforcement and restore it with our selected piece. Fundamentally the deduction method heats down to wiggling the wheel backward and forward.

There are three types of Jacuzzi pool filters. These Jacuzzi filters are cartridge filters, high rate sand filters and diatomaceous earth filters. Even all these three types of Jacuzzi pool filters will clean the water pretty well. They vary in their overall requirements and levels of maintenance. It is really important for both our wallet and hygiene to get the right pool filter. A good choice for Jacuzzi is high rate sand filter, which are located in windy areas. These filters breeze the gravel such as sand into it on a regular foundation. These high-rate sand filters are designed with numerous layers of sand previously in them sense that any further sand won't damage the filter.

There is an environmental friendly filtration process known as diatomaceous earth filtration. Boiling the water can lend a hand in demolishing the microorganisms and bacteria but definitely it can't eliminate the microscopic metal and dust particles. Since diatomaceous earth is furnished from natural sedimentary rocks and it is totally secure and has no side effects. These filters utilize diatomaceous earth which is fabricated of the fossilized bones of small organisms known as diatoms. The volume of the filter matters that how much job it does.

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