Jacuzzi Pool Filters Maintain The Hygiene Of The Jacuzzi  

by Pool Builders on 09-01-2011 in Articles

Pool or Jacuzzi owners should have the keen eyes to see the impurities affecting the water. We use pools or Jacuzzi to take a rejuvenating retreat, but when water of these places are found to be untidy and full of impurities, then swimming inside the pools or bathing inside the Jacuzzi does not give us good experience. When we know that maintaining and cleaning these places are one of the most important responsibilities of the owners, then choosing perfect Jacuzzi pool filters becomes one of the most important considerations.

When we start taking relaxation bath inside the Jacuzzi closing our eyes, then we cannot imagine any dirt particle is floating through the water. Thus, maintenance of the Jacuzzi with the help of proper Jacuzzi pool filters becomes one the most desirable considerations for the Jacuzzi owner. This kind of untidy water can produce too many skin and internal diseases, which can take away more money for the treatment. So, it is always advisable to keep the place for hygiene and refreshment.

When we talk about the pool owners, then we can see the same responsibility for them. And, when the matter of swimming pool cleaning comes into the picture, then we should not forget to choose the name of Hayward pool filters. This company is ruling the market of the pool cleaning accessories from the past many decades.

We can find three different types of Hayward pool filters in the market. And, each type of filter is good for any specific type of aquatic set up.

Sand filter: When we mention about this kind of pool filter, 2/3 percent of tank is filled with graded sand. We can find one inlet through which water enters. After that, it gradually diffuses on the top of the sand bed, though the diffuser. While water goes through the sand, all impurities get trapped within the sand grains. And, we can see the accumulation of water at the bottom of the tank, which goes into the pool through the back sides.

Cartridge filters: We can find paper-type cartridge inside one cylindrical tank in this type of filter. As a technique here, water gets soaked through the paper cartridge into the interior. Thus, in this filter, dirt and dust particles remain outside the cartridge.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters: These types of filters are found with canister. This type of canister includes different network of tubes or filters. Different plates are found in this kind of filter. We can find many plates and fingers with Diatomaceous Earth (DE) inside it. And, DE is nothing but the white powder or crushed sea fossils or diatoms.

Thus, while choosing pool filter, then do not forget to know your requirement first.

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