Jacuzzi Pool Filters: Required For The Maintenance Of Jacuzzi  

by Pool Builders on 08-24-2011 in Articles

While it is monsoon season and if your craving for swimming doesn't go down, then you must be very much conscious about your health and hygiene. In case of swimming pool, it gets much dirtier at the time of monsoon. Outside muds and rain water get dissolved inside the pool and make the condition of the swimming pool worse. But it does not mean that at other season, swimming pool does not require maintenance. Not only swimming pools, any kind of static water body like, Jacuzzi, bath tub etc. also require proper maintenance more often. In case of swimming pools, different pool filters are available in the market. And, in case of Jacuzzi, several Jacuzzi pool filters are present to give the proper solution for the cleaning and maintenance of the Jacuzzi. These kinds of Jacuzzi pool filters are available in the market, as per the requirement of the Jacuzzi cleaning.

Jacuzzi is found to be one of the most remarkable replacements of baths and spas. And, thus, Jacuzzi is found to be one of the most jetted baths or spas available in the market. So, maintaining this kind of bathing solution has become one of the most important requirements.

Unlike, swimming pool filters, Jacuzzi pool filters help to remove all kinds of dirt and dust from it. We can find different brands names in the market of pool filters. Now, if we discuss about Hayward de filters, then these filters are meant for removing leaves, dirt, dust and any kind of impurity from the dirty water. Hayward is the good brand name for different pool accessories including, pumps, heat pumps, heater etc.

There are three kinds of filters available in the market:

Sand filters: We can find the sieves of this kind of filter for the capacity of 20 to 40 microns dirt removal. And, this filter should also be maintained once in a week.

DE filters or Diatomaceous Earth filters: In this type of filter, dirt from 2 to 5 microns can be removed with the help of sieves, which are made from fossilized exoskeletons of minute diatoms.

Pool filter cartridges: When you want to remove dust particles as small 10 to 15 microns, then it is the best filter option for you.

Thus, we can see that different pool filters are available in the market, with different capacity of the sieves. And, you can good quality of Hayward de filters, at very reasonable price range.

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