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Le Antonio's Roofing and Construction Ltd. has evolved out of the consistently excellent work of a group of skilled and experienced building professionals who have worked in the construction sector for many years. These professionals have come together under the umbrella of Le Antonio's to pool their professional skills and knowledge to provide a broader range of building services and related products to the market.
The company's founder, Antonio McKoy has a vision that a company offering services to this industry should take a bold, innovative and different approach to the provision of modern home design and new home construction services. Based in Montego Bay, Le Antonio's Roofing & Construction Ltd. has already established itself as a giant in the Jamaican construction industry.
This new approach is based on the desire to approach the business of home construction in Jamaica from a new, integrated approach, emphasising several key factors:
? prompt delivery of all services
? dedication to the highest quality workmanship
? careful attention to detail and the finished product
? clear, continuous communication with clients
? commitment to providing economic value for all services and products
In the execution of the mission of the company, great care has been taken to ensure that a wide range of related services in construction and home improvement are offered to the Jamaican and international market. This approach is based on the aim of ensuring that our customers' experiences in doing business with our company is positive, hassle free, rewarding and ultimately satisfying.
In addition to our diverse and cutting edge services, Le Antonio's has recognised the need to giveback to the community which has supported the growth of the business. The Company has therefore established Le Antonio's Foundation which has already committed itself to several social initiatives relating to vulnerable communities especially in western Jamaica.
New Home Construction
Home construction is a process, beginning with a design that should reflect your dream. The professionals at Le Antonio's will work with you to customise your dream house. Our modern, cutting edge home plans will express your desire for beauty, elegance as well as function and economy. We will listen to your ideas and convert them to a design that is unique yet functional and affordable.
Whether your new home is small, moderate or large, Le Antonio's will bring the same degree of finesse, creativity and flair to your new home design.

Le Antonio's roofing and construction Ltd is committed to providing the finest range of critical building services. In furtherance of this aim, the company has contracted the services of highly trained, innovative architects who have a track record of designing some of the finest residential and commercial buildings in the island of Jamaica. The company is therefore in an excellent position to provide high quality architectural plans and designs for the following properties:
? Luxury houses
? Country houses
? Ranch houses
? Resort villas
? Small houses
Our creative and diligent architects will guarantee the delivery of the finished plan for your new or renovated home or villa within the agreed time. The design of a lifetime is now within your reach, take advantage of the professionalism of our architects; let us be a part of that first step in the fulfilment of your dream.

Le Antonio's roofing and construction Ltd. will reinvent your home, office or resort by adding the most elegant, dazzling yet classy internal appearance usually only reserved for dwellings of the rich and famous!
Le Antonio's provides everything for the interior; our highly sought after team of designers and fitters will advise you on the classy route to a sparkling, luxurious, comfortable interior befitting of the quality of living desired by all. Our products are sourced from the finest manufacturers and complement our first class design and installation services. These products and services include:
Custom made drapes and valances
Drapery hardware & accessories
Metal & Canvas Awnings
Vertical & Venetian Blinds
Now your home can reflect the class and comfort that has been earned by your hard work. Any house, whether large, moderate or small in size, can attain a new level of uniqueness reflecting your own taste and style. At Le Antonio's we are committed to providing this quality service for the most reasonable prices.
Le Antonio's roofing and construction Ltd. brings a dynamic new approach to the supply and installation of kitchen fixtures for your home or resort. We will identify the most appropriate design from a range of ultra modern, stylish and practical kitchen systems. Our expertise will guarantee you a finished product which combines elegance, durability and economy.
Some of the features to be found in kitchen systems supplied by our professionals include the following:
? Granite counter tops
? Solid surface counter tops
? Post form & Laminate counters
? European modular cabinets
? Solid wood kitchen cabinets

Improve the appearance, utility and value of your home by installing a kitchen designed and installed by the consummate and caring professionals of Le Antonio's roofing and construction Ltd.

Le Antonio's roofing and construction Ltd provides an unconditional guarantee to find the most economical roofing system for the lowest price on the market. As experienced Jamaican roofing contractors, they will identify the most suitable roofing system for your home or resort building and provide expert advice on the most affordable way to install or customise your roof.
The expert, experienced team at Le Antonio's will use their expertise to supply and install any of the following roofing systems:
? Decra Tiles
? Decra Bond
? Clay Tiles
? Alu-Steel
? Fibre Glass and Shingle
The roofing team will also repair, modernise or overhaul any type of roofing system, including:
? Roof designing & Framing
? Waterproofing
? Ceilings (Popcorn included)
? Guttering
? Felting & Installation

It matters not what type of house is in need of a new and improved roof. Luxury houses, single story and split level houses, ranch and country style houses and small, economy dwellings will all receive the same expert, professional and prompt service from the caring, committed team members of Le Antonio's Roofing & Construction Ltd.

Le Antonio's roofing and construction Ltd. will utilize the most up to date, cutting edge designs from North America and Europe to bring a dazzling, upscale appearance to our new or existing home. Building a swimming pool to increase the comfort and value of your home or resort should no longer be a fantasy. The professional team at Le Antonio's will help you to customise a pool design to meet your highest expectation that fits completely within your budget.
Pools in resorts properties are also within our team's expertise and experience. Upgrade and enhance your resort in Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio or indeed anywhere in Jamaica. Le Antonio's will provide a free estimate and professional guidance through all the stages of the design and construction of your dream pool.
Finally, there is a Jamaican pool contractor capable and experienced in providing services of the highest quality for Jamaican home owners!

Le Antonio's roofing and construction Ltd. offers landscaping services throughout Jamaica designed to greatly improve the aesthetics of your home, resort or commercial building. Our team will visit your property, assess the need or desire of the owner and advise on the best way to re-model or establish your garden, grounds or general exterior environment. Our aim will be to ensure that your property benefits from the beautiful aesthetic effect which all property owners dream of.
Homeowners can take advantage of this opportunity to engage the professional landscaping contractor services of Le Antonio's. There is no better time to transform your property in the island to create an environment of sheer pleasure and timeless beauty.

Jamaica has some of the most beautiful parcels of land in the world, suitable for a variety of real estate developments. If your dream is for a luxury type house, sections of the North Coast from Port Antonio to Negril as well as prime residential tracts in southern parishes such as Manchester and St. Elizabeth will excite you as you search for the perfect location.

Your dream for a ranch style or country house can also be satisfied by finding that perfect lot in a rustic or rural setting in parishes across our beautiful island. If you plan a resort development, there are exciting real estate prospects in the prime resort areas of Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril as well as the pristine South Coast in Treasure Beach and sections of Westmoreland.
The team at Le Antonio's roofing and construction Ltd. will be your partners in the search for that perfect lot. We will connect with registered, competent realtors who have listings suited to your individual demand for land. Our services also include recommending legal professionals to advise and guide you through all the stages of land acquisition, including obtaining financing where necessary, through to completion of the Sale Contract.

In keeping with their avowed commitment to the healthy and positive development of communities in the Western parishes in which they conduct business, the Directors of the company have formed Le Antonio's Foundation. The Foundation will operate as a wholly charitable entity with an overriding interest in fostering the harmonious and dignified growth and development of several targeted communities in St. James and adjoining parishes.

Our company will donate one per cent of the audited profit from every project to the Foundation. These funds will be used generally to assist with the improvement of infrastructure, general amenities and the standard of living in the targeted communities. The Directors of Le Antonio's Ltd. have identified three areas which are especially deserving of the focus, commitment and involvement of the Foundation:

1) Education: Schools within the targeted communities which require improvements to infrastructure and general facilities will benefit as a matter of priority from funds allocated by the Foundation for education. The Foundation will also donate furniture and equipment where necessary to better facilitate a wholesome and progressive atmosphere within which learning can take place.
A scholarship programme for deserving but needy students will also be introduced and will cater particularly to the vulnerable age group between Grades 6-9.

2) Health: The Le Antonio's Foundation will also create a health fund which will be applied against the needs of the communities to improve and deepen the delivery of health care to residents. Special focus will be given to the provision of health care facilities to children and the elderly. The Directors of the Foundation will ensure that adequate resources are identified to assist with the improvement of physical facilities at local health centers and clinics which deal with the vast majority of residents.

3) Sports: Recognising the powerful unifying and cultural force which accompanies the involvement of young people in competitive sporting activities, The Foundation will expand the current on-going competitions in popular sporting events. Emphasis will be on creating a number of new competitions so as to widen the involvement of young people in the 12 to 18 age group.
The Directors believe passionately that these interventions will help to reduce anti-social and aggressive behavior now rampant especially in young males in many local communities. Visit our website at http://www.leantoniosconstruction.com to see our social mission in clear and detailed terms

The concept behind Le Antonio's Roofing & Construction Limited is clear and consistent. We will provide the highest degree of professionalism in all aspects of our business operation. We will guarantee the finest quality, both in workmanship and products for all the services we are committed to providing to our highly valued customers in Jamaica and throughout the world. Indeed no task or service is too small or too large for our highly trained cadre of professionals. Let us work with you to finally turn your dream into reality.

Antonio Mckoy- CEO/Contractor,
1 Barnett Lane,
Montego Bay,
Jamaica W.I.,
Tel: (876) 952-0719
Cell: (876) 353-1389
USA: (305) 468-4476
Website: http://www.leantoniosconstruction.com
Email: info@leantoniosconstruction.com

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