Join Us This Summer at the Technique Swim Academy at Harvard  

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As the spring and summer are getting closer by the day, I know Assistant Harvard Coach Chris Morgan, our great swim staff and I are getting excited for this summer's Technique Swim Academy at Harvard. Designed for boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 17, who swim at the competitive level or recreationally swim, the Technique Swim camp will improve your swimming abilities and racing times.

Here are five great reasons to consider hanging out with us for four weeks over the summer:

Fun! We are passionate about swimming.

Our coaches have developed a program that is fun, challenging, and has lots of mentoring to improve swimming technique and confidence. We love the pool and are energized by seeing our campers break personal best times through targeted swim coaching and encouragement.

Our Focus: Improving Swim Technique

At the Technique Swim Academy, we teach efficiency. By focusing on the correct body line in the water, we use a progression which enables the swimmers to learn how to use the water to their advantage. Instead of moving water, swimmers are taught to move through the water.

Harvard Varsity Swim Coaches and Dedicated, Knowledgeable Staff

We believe in providing trained and dedicated individuals to help your children achieve their personal swim goals. That's why we have our Harvard Varsity Swim Women's coaches are always present at camp providing instruction. Not everyone has the same strengths or challenges when it comes to swimming, and our coaches are here to assist swimmers with break-through technique. The camper to swim staff at the Technique Swim Academy is no greater than 10 to 1. This gives us the ability to successfully help our campers to become better swimmers, but also to monitor them for safety while they're in the pool.

Powerful Olympic and National Speakers

Sometimes, athletes need a little bit more inspiration to get them to realize that they can accomplish their swimming goals. In order to give them that encouragement, we have Olympic and national speakers to share their wisdom with our campers. Not only do students have the opportunity to hear what these professionals have to say, but they are show increased motivation after the talks to strive to be the best swimmer they can be. This is the Technique Swim Academy difference; we blend various approaches together to create an optimal environment for growth.

Parents Are Welcome!

Maybe you want to learn a little bit more about our program, or perhaps you want to see how your child is advancing or learn what techniques you can focus on at home pool. Here at the Technique Swim Academy, parents are welcome to come and watch.

In order to truly challenge your child to a summer of fun and learning, enroll him or her at the Technique Swim Academy at Harvard today. We would be honored to work with him or her this summer.

Stephanie MorawskiDirector, Technique Swim AcademyHead Coach, Harvard Women's Swimming

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