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by Pool Builders on 07-25-2011 in Articles

Twenty years ago active recovery wasn't even thought of, it's common knowledge that after a big Rugby League match players would go to the local pub for a beer and meat pie. These days players must attend a compulsory training session the day after a football game. This session is based on the principle of active recovery. Most sessions are usually low impact such as swimming or walking laps of a swimming pool (or in the ocean), followed by partner stretching. Judo players usually after big Judo competitions usually attend a function and wake up the next day stiff and sore due to not doing any cool down or stretching after fighting.

What is active recovery?

Active recovery is another name for a really easy session after a really hard session. You know how, after a really hard session, the next day your whole body aches. You may find that the only way to not feel sore is to do some more exercise and get the blood pumping. It's hard to get started at first but once you get warm and start moving your body loosens up and you feel a lot better. This is exactly what active recovery is. Active recovery aims to increase blood flow which helps remove lactic acids as well as helps bring any deoxygenated blood back to the heart. As part of active recovery you must make sure stretching and protein rich foods are a part of it.

Here are just a few exercises I sometimes do during the week if I am feeling a bit run down and don't feel like a really hard session. Remember we aren't doing for a highly intense session but just getting a light sweat up. I usually put a few layers of clothes on (or a sweat suit) before I get started, this just helps with increasing my body temperature. I do the following exercises in no particular order just whatever I feel. I include exercises such as the rowing machine, forward & back rolls, handstand into rolls, exercise bike, cartwheels, general running and uchi komi rubbers. I may also head to the swimming pool and go between the sauna and the swimming pool (make sure you stay well hydrated though).

I like doing all of the above exercises because you can go for a slow jog (in a dojo) and add them in whenever you like. They are also low impact which is what you want if you are feeling tired and run down.

Finish up with static stretching while concentrating to breathe and relax. Hold each stretch for around 30 seconds.

Go home and get a protein rich dinner, take some multi-vitamins and have a big sleep.

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