Jump Into The Pool Of Affiliate Marketing Profits

by Pool Builders on 07-26-2007 in Articles

How would you like to have an automated source producing Internet income simply by sending traffic to your affiliate link? In order to be successful, you must have three innate personality traits.

Trait #1

The number one trait is a gigantic REASON.

What is the REASON that you need to make affiliate marketing a success? What is your ultimate motivation? Your answer here defines what you positively NEED right now.

Personally, I hated working 15 or more hours every day. I always felt that I was missing out on something (life, being outside in the sunshine, lounging with my family by the pool, etc.) I also needed to be able to work anywhere in the world on my laptop computer, never again having the confinement that my gourmet candy store in a busy mall left me. On the rare occasion that I did get away for a break, my cell phone would ring with a problem or concern. I had had it with being married to my store, and knew that I could have amazing freedom with my own online business. This was my reason. You NEED to find yours.

Trait #2

It's vital that you TRUST that you can do it. If you think that you can or can't, either way you are correct. You have the power to make money with affiliate programs or the Internet as long as you trust that you can.

In the beginning, I did some research online and found that many people were earning incredible income on the Internet. All I had to do was to learn what was working, then implement these strategies myself. It was so EXCITING to discover just how many MILLIONS of people were already making money with affiliate programs world wide! Simply do your own research and you will see huge numbers of affirmations and tributes of average "Joe's" earning real income on the Internet. You can also go to the library or bookstore and see countless documented proof in the business section. The really exciting fact is that it is actually getting easier to make money online with affiliate programs!

It really felt that "affiliate marketing" was the career of the future. Not too long ago, the only choice was to find someone that was hiring, fill out an employment application, then cross your fingers. Now, you can easily go to any program you want, complete their affiliate agreement, and begin working right away. Affiliates, or program partners, are the new working class. In fact, earning Internet income with affiliate programs is becoming so prevalent that soon it will be virtually guaranteed. So, the career of the future is here NOW! Embrace it and make it work for you.

Trait # 3

You absolutely need to be willing to JUMP INTO THE POOL.

Get set, pull the trigger, and then zero in. This is the working mentality that you MUST embrace in order to actually have affiliate marketing success.

This is in reverse of the majority that prefers to zero in before they pull the trigger. An important fact is that the Internet is constantly changing and you have to quit analyzing and just hop in. No one can successfully be trained from standing outside looking in, you must be in the pool to get wet and swim.

Here the point is you won't ever be PREPARED to begin an affiliate marketing home business. You just need to start one. It's what I term "Jumping into the Pool."

Don't worry, the financial investment of an Internet business is tiny compared to setting up a store in the mall (where you must analyze everything extremely carefully before you open your doors). And you usually need to sink many thousands of dollars to get an offline store going. However, you can launch a profitable online venture for under $100! A perfect example of this is the Plug-In Profit Site here: http://www.HomeCashIncome.com/pips.html

All you have to do is JUMP IN THE POOL. Every day that you are "just looking", you're squandering precious moments that you could be discovering the talent needed to become a profitable affiliate marketer. Actually, you will be playing "catch up" if you aren't in the pool yet. Take the plunge to be the next affiliate marketing success now!

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