Jumping Into the Pool of Internet Marketing Without Proper Knowledge of How to Swim

by Pool Builders on 11-18-2008 in Articles

Everyone has at one point in time or another in their life been to a swimming pool. Now, while most of the people you see there will be enjoying themselves in the water, there will a few on the sidelines who don't know how to swim. Now, whether they did not take the time to learn, have a fear of or don't like the water, or never could learn, the same common denominator abstains them from taking a swim.

The reason people who don't know how to swim don't swim is because the risk of drowning is imminent and VERY real. A potential life threatening situation will keep anyone from performing a certain act.

However, when you get into the field of internet marketing and it's risk to reward ratio, there is no fear of drowning. This is the place where total newbies dive head first into the deep end. The sight of refreshing water on a hot summer day will make even the most inexperienced swimmer think about jumping in, but they KNOW what will happen when they do; they'll drown. People find themselves at the business end of a proposal and the enticing nature of the compensation plan or whatever entices them is what makes them jump at the opportunity head first, literally unknowing of what they're getting themselves into. This among other reasons is why lots of internet marketers fail at what they do.

The rewards far overcame the importance of acquiring the knowledge prerequisite of reaping those rewards. yet, there is no fear of drowning for internet marketing: a person who tries his hand at it and fails will simply quit at it and take the opportunity as a lesson learned. No real risk in that. The way to overcome this is by learning everything possible about the subject; what is internet marketing and HOW to be one before making any business venture. Would a championship swim coach recruit members who have never swam a day in their life?? I'll let you answer that. This question is also the solution to solving this problem. If you taught every new prospect what internet marketing is and how to be one before ever making a business proposal to them then you a guaranteeing that YOUR team is a team of champions who all know what they're doing from the beginning. THIS is the true power of duplication: not seeing how many people YOU can refer, but how many your people can refer. Which would essentially be teaching someone how to swim before ever introducing them to the pool.

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