Just How Dangerous is Tap Water For Showering?   

by Pool Builders on 07-03-2010 in Articles

I was shocked to find out that the tap water my family and I bathe in can cause irreparable damage to our health. Do you know about this? Did you know that simply inhaling the additives and contaminants in tap water during your daily shower can harm internal organs in your body?

You ask, "How dangerous is tap water for showering?" Read on, and I'll let you in on what I found.

The Environmental Protection Agency monitors contaminants in our tap water called Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs). VOCs get into tap water from sources like septic systems, herbicides and pesticides, and cleaning wastes.

By simply bathing in the shower every day, we expose our lungs and skin to these VOCs. When inhaled or absorbed into the skin, these chemicals can severely irritate the tissues of the respiratory system and skin.

In addition to VOCs, chlorine can harm you.

What do we do when we get out of the swimming pool? Take a shower, of course. Tap water washes the Chlorine from the pool off of our bodies. Doesn't it? Often times, there is as much chlorine in tap water as there is in a swimming pool.

Chlorine is a gaseous, poisonous water purification additive. We use it to disinfect eating surfaces and for bleaching clothes. When we inhale chlorine in a hot, steamy shower, our lungs are exposed to chlorine's gaseous effects on our health.

Exposure to inhaled chlorine can irritate and even cause asthmatic conditions and bronchitis in the respiratory system. Also, chlorine strips the body's moisture and natural protective oils, leaving us with parched and dry skin.

So, how dangerous is tap water for showering? With what you now know about toxins in tap water, your answer may be the same as mine. Buy a shower filtration system.

The best shower filtration system on the market is a two stage unit that attaches directly inline with your shower head. The first stage of the filter removes chlorine and boosts the water's pH balance with a natural copper/zinc mineral media called KDF-55D.The second stage uses a carbonized coconut shell medium to remove VOCs and other harmful compounds.

It's simple. Attach a shower filtration system inline with your shower head.

The two stage unit filters away harmful chlorine and VOCs. You and your family don't suffer the harmful effects of toxic compounds in your tap water from inhalation or dermal absorption in the shower.

Within a week, your hair and skin are softer and healthier. Best of all, you protect your family with confidence.

The next time a conversation around the water cooler at work arises about contaminants in tap water, spur the topic on with what you know about showering in tap water.

Ask your co-workers, "How dangerous is tap water for showering?" You'll educate and enlighten them.

Tell them about chlorine and VOCs and about how you purchased an efficient, inexpensive solution to the problem of tap water contaminants to protect your family. They will see you as the intelligent, educated spouse and parent that you are.

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